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Not long ago, Kpopmap had released a list of female K-Pop idols debuting solo or making their solo comebacks.

This time, we are back with a list of male K-Pop idols who are debuting as a solo artist or making their return.

Thanks to these amazing artists, it seems like September is going to be a month filled with solo activities!

#1 WonHo

WonHo has just made his solo debut on Sept. 4 and his debut mini album "Love Synonym (#1) Right for Me" was also just released. For those who have yet to check out the music video, make sure to do so above.

Greeting fans officially as a solo artist, he is holding his debut showcase later at 10 PM KST on V-Live.

#2 GOT7's Jackson

It looks like Sept. 4 is the perfect date to release new music as Jackson has also released 'Pretty Please' with Galantis, a Swedish dance electronic music production.

From the ideas and filming of the music video, Jackson has put in a lot of effort in making a love story inspired by 90s Hong Kong movies. Make sure to check it out!

#3 SEVENTEEN's SeungKwan

 4 Male K-Pop Idols Who Are Making Their Solo Debut & Comeback In September

Record Of Youth Official

Many are looking forward to the premiere of drama "Record Of Youth" and numerous K-Pop idols are said to be participating in the OST. One of them is none other than SEVENTEEN's SeungKwan!

Make sure to check out his sweet voice on Sept. 7 for 'Go'!

Note: Other male idols participating in the OST will be updated once the dates are released

#4 SHINee's TaeMin

 4 Male K-Pop Idols Who Are Making Their Solo Debut & Comeback In September

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Can you believe that TaeMin is back with his 3rd mini album "Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 1"? The album will be released on Sept. 7 and many fans are already looking forward to it.

Ever since TaeMin has debuted as a solo artist, fans are able to see his own music style and they also love how he is growing as an artist too.



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Trishala<span class="staff">Kpopmap Support Crew</span>
TrishalaKpopmap Support Crew
Oct 5, 2020 04:50 pm

Omg Boo Seungkwan!