What an eventful year it is. During 2015, we cannot but being surprised by fresh news from celebrities. Let’s take a look the shortlist.

IU, ‘I didn’t mean it’

All of a sudden, IU was in the middle of storm. Last May, IU received criticism for its connection to ‘Lolita themes’ with her latest album song ‘Zeze’. Because one of publisher claimed that lyrics of ‘Zeze’ infers something sexual about 5-year-old child. Eventually this controversies ended after apologizing each other. Many see IU going through hard time to be a good producer from a singer.

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 4 Of Burning Issues From 2015 That Made Us Surprised

Making own way, Sulli and EXO’s TAO

Although these two stars are not with f(x) and EXO any more, all is fine with all of them. Sulli officially left f(x) last Aug. and is focusing on her acting career now. There was a rumor on the street that Sulli will be leaving the group but will be remaining under contract with SM Entertainment. It was true.

TAO of EXO also officially established his private studio in China last Jun, leaving EXO reorganize as a 9 member boy group. Before that EXO’s KRIS and LUHAN sought to nullify contract with SM. As a response, SM warned KRIS and LUHAN, not to do any commercial activities ignoring their legally binding contract status with the agency until final judgment from lawsuit came out. This process will work in case of TAO too.

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 4 Of Burning Issues From 2015 That Made Us Surprised

Rushing into the army, TVXQ, JYJ and Super Junior

JYJ’s Jaejoong last Mar, Yoochun last Aug. TVXQ’s Yunho last July. Changmin last month, Super Junior’s Si Won, last month. Too. These are the time when our adorable boys responded to the call from the country. They are on their mandatory military service now. Super Junior are really a man of man. Four of them are discharged already and five of them are on military service now. The two youngest members will join army next year.

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 4 Of Burning Issues From 2015 That Made Us Surprised

What happened between ladies, Lee Tae Im and Yewon

The most weird issue was the argument between actress Lee Tae Im and Jewelry’s Yewon while filming ‘Tutoring Across Generations’. Lee Tae Im allegedly have cursed and yelled to Yewon that worried about her condition when shooting at the cold winter ocean. Lee Tae Im apologized to her officially via press release, but later it turned out that Yewon spoke informally to Lee Tae Im at first. So Yewon deserved to be blamed for apologizing her again. What a dramatic story it is. Yewon has dropped out all schedule, while Lee Tae Im is trying to come back. 4 Of Burning Issues From 2015 That Made Us Surprised


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