4 Reasons Why MAMA’s Voting System Loses Credibility

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By now, K-Pop fans are very well aware of MAMA‘s notorious reputation for having an unreliable and inaccurate representation of award results.

After all this time, you’d wonder what and where it all went wrong. How could one of K-Pop’s biggest award event allow such unprofessionalism and atrocity towards consumers and fans? And what is the point in voting if there is no transparency nor fairness within the system? Here are four areas where they need to focus on right away before they lose even more credibility than they already have.

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1 Unstable servers

Fans were unable to vote on the very first day the polls opened due to immensely heavy traffic. Technicians did get to work to fix the problem but the servers re-opened back hours later and continued to remain unstable for another twenty-four hours.


2 Server checks didn’t happen as announced

Mwave announced that they were going to close the servers to the public to check the servers on November 3rd, 4:00 AM. However, servers were closed to the public much before 4:00 AM.


3 Fans were and still are unable to check current poll rankings

There are no live updates nor current poll rankings that fans can check at any given time of the day. They are also unable to fully make sure whether their votes have actually went through.


4 Lack the technical skills to prevent illegal voting methods, some idols and groups don’t even appear as candidates, artist names are inconsistent.

For some reason, MAMA is unable to block CAPTCHAs from sabotaging their voting system. There have been numerous news articles online regarding the subject as well. What is even more humiliating and mind-blowing is that groups such as BTS, which the whole world knows by now are arguably the most influential K-Pop act of all time, aren’t even selectable candidates on the website. BTS fans were unable to vote for two weeks.


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