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The upcoming romantic comedy "18 Again" is interesting many because it is the remake of the U.S. movie "17 Again" with Zac Efron. But that is not all. The cast of the drama has caught attention with its leads and supporting actors including a lot of rising actors.

"18 Again" tells the story of a man on the verge of divorcing whose body changed to the way it was looking when he was 18 years old. It will air on JTBC from Sept. 7. Kim HaNeul, Yoon SangHyun, and Lee DoHyun are the lead actors. For more about the drama, you can check the cast and summary here.

Let's have a closer look at these rising actors starring in the drama.

 4 Rising Actors Starring In Upcoming Drama "18 Again"



1- Lee DoHyun

Lee DoHyun got the lead role in this drama after he rose to fame with the hit drama “Hotel del Luna" in 2019. Back then, he gained a lot of attention as the past lover of IU.

Since his appearance in "Hotel del Luna", he managed to gain the lead role in the KBS Drama Special: "Scouting Report", "18 Again" and the Netflix original drama "Sweet Home". He was also invited on TV shows such as "Running Man" and had various magazine shooting proving his popularity. Fans are looking forward to his acting in "18 Again".


2- Golden Child's BoMin

BoMin gained a lot of popularity with his acting activities in the teen romance web drama "A-Teen 2" in 2019. He proved his good acting skills in this web drama popular in and out of Korea.

In 2019, he also got an important supporting role in the drama "Melting Me Softly" starring Ji ChangWook. BoMin's acting career is looked out by many.

This time in "18 Again", he is acting the high school student Seo JiHo in the same class as the lead actor. He is cold on the outside but when you get to know him he is a pure-hearted man.


3- RyeoUn

RyeoUn debuted only in 2017 but has been noticed by many web drama lovers. He acted in numerous of them and some of its most popular web dramas are "The World Of My 17" and "In Seoul" season 1 and 2. He also acted in the drama "365: Repeat the Year" and more.

With his great screen presence, he is a rising actor. In "18 Again", he is acting as one of the twins of the lead character and a high school student.


4- Hwang InYeop

Hwang InYeop is a "rising" actor in the sense that he had interest many recently with his cast as the second lead actor in the highly awaited drama "True Beauty". This drama is highly looked forward to in and out of Korea because of the popularity of the webtoon the drama is adapting but also because of the cast of ASTRO'Cha EunWoo.

Many have an eye on this new actor. In "18 Again", he is acting the high school student Goo JaSung in the same class as the lead actor. He is the captain of the basketball team.

BoMin, RyeoUn, and Hwang InYeop are the students seating the closest to the lead character at school looking at the teaser.

 4 Rising Actors Starring In Upcoming Drama "18 Again"



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