4 Sweet Scenes Where The Male Lead Ties The Hair Of Their Lover



4 Sweet Scenes Where The Male Lead Ties The Hair Of Their Lover

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If you are a K-Dramas lovers, you would have noticed that some sweet and romantic scenes keep being in dramas.

Among these, there is the time when the male leads help and want to have physical contact with their lover or lover-to-be by tying up their hair. These scenes are well loved by viewers because of the high romantic feelings.

While there are plenty of these scenes, here are four of them.


1- “Shopping King Louie”

Seo InGuk was taking care of Nam JiHyun at the hospital and wanted to help her by doing a ponytail (so that she stops eating her hair). He was not very experienced in it and the result was not perfect but he tried. Very sweet of him.


2- “Something in the Rain”

Son YeJin and Jung HaeIn couple was one of the best couples of this year. Many viewers enjoyed the older woman/younger man sweet relationship. There was a scene where Jung HaeIn was sweetly trying to tie her hair.


3- “Descendants of the Sun”

Song JoongKi and Song HyeKyo‘s chemistry was amazing. The scene -where he tied her hair- was ultra romantic with a realistic point when he mentioned that he knows she did not wash her hair. The result is pretty good too.


4- “W”

This list will not be complete without this scene. Lee JongSuk romantic scenes with Han HyoJoo are popular among international viewers. Not only he kept touching her hair during all the drama, but he also tied them for her.

 What is your favorite scene?


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