4 Things That Are Being Ignored Due To SeungRi & Jung JoonYoung Scandal

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4 Things That Are Being Ignored Due To SeungRi & Jung JoonYoung Scandal

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It is a common belief that scandals happen for a reason. And that is to divert the public’s attention away from issues that may potentially lead to a bigger scandals.

In the midst of the current scandals involving former BIGBANG member SeungRi, Jung JoonYoung, Choi JongHoon, and Yong JunHyung, make the front page news on pretty much every single news sites, there have been other important news that are slowly being forgotten due to this.

You can check them out below!


Alleged Sexual Harassment Of School Of Performing Arts (SOPA) Students

The institution is famous for training and educating aspiring K-Pop idols and have some notable alumni including ChengXiao and Park JiHoon.

Students of the school recently made a video clip that takes a stand against the alleged injustice that is currently taking place within the school. Mostly the higher ups within the administration have been accused so far, including the headmaster and his wife. Many students have come forth and stated that they would often be forced to perform at private events wearing revealing attire and sometimes even coerced into getting physical with some of the guests.

The headmaster has so far denied all requests for an interview, and the students have even been threatened with a lawsuit when they attempted to expose the perpetrators in the past.

In addition, a government petition that demands an investigation into the matter is currently accumulating a substantial amount of supporters as well.



Male Produce 101 Trainees’ Alleged Sexual Harassment

According to the accusers, ten idol trainees were in Japan during the time for about one month for performances. After all their performances were over, they were invited to a dinner at a restaurant in Tokyo on September 28th, 2018. It was at the restaurant where the trainees claimed that the CEO touched them inappropriately and made unwanted sexual advances towards them.

The trainees’ legal representative released an official statement saying that the trainees have been receiving psychiatric treatment due to the trauma caused by the incident and have filed the evidence to the Seoul Central District Court while requesting the suspension of all the trainees’ contracts with their current agency.


Tax Evasion Suspicions Of YG Entertainment CEO Yang HyunSuk

A club known as ‘Love Signal’ is currently suspected of tax evasion as news reports released on March 6th claim that the establishment is registered as a restaurant instead of an entertainment establishment, much like SeungRi’s club ‘Monkey Museum’.

‘Love Signal’, located in the Mapo-gu district, is under a law that allows customers to be able to dance only in their seats, and it is likely the law was created in order to differentiate establishments from night clubs and to also prevent too many night clubs from being established. However, despite being registered as a restaurant, ‘Love Signal’ has a stage where customers can dance on, which is the reason why many people are suspecting tax evasion,

It has also been reported that YG Entertainment CEO Yang HyunSuk owns 70% of an investment company that owns ‘Love Signal’, whereas the remaining 30% of the shares belong to his younger brother Yang MinSuk.


Associates Of Burning Sun & Arena Are Opening A New Club

It seems that having Burning Sun involved in a scandal leading to it shutting down has caused a problem for the cash flow of the associates. Various South Korean news agencies have reported that a new club is in the works, but no one seems to be paying any attention to it at the moment.


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This is a very cool post. Yes, wag the dog works. Seungri and co. are not so powerful that they can’t be sacrificed to hide the bigger stories.