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ATEEZ is a group that everyone is currently watching closely, as they have often been called the rookie group that everyone should be following.

In fact, what they've done up until now is quite impressive that one can argue that they've shed their status as rookies now, and are at one of the most important period of their career, where an extra bit of momentum can project them into a group that can create bigger impacts on both the domestic and international K-Pop market.

Group member MinGi has often been a favorite by many fans.

 4 Things To Know About ATEEZ MinGi

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Below are some of the things that you should know about the young star.


Former Maroo Entertainment Trainee

Many idols actually have interesting pasts, as they might have been affiliated with different agencies. Before joining KQ Entertainment, MinGi trained at Maroo Entertainment.

 4 Things To Know About ATEEZ MinGi

Maroo Entertainment


Competed During MIXNINE

MinGi and other ATEEZ members competed during YG Entertainment survival program MIXNINE.


Role Model Is Jay Park

Being a rapper, he looks up to one of K-Pop's best, Jay Park

 4 Things To Know About ATEEZ MinGi



2020 Break

The industry can be quite tough and both physically and mentally taxing.

ATEEZ'sagency, KQ Entertainment has made an announcement on November 15th, stating that MinGi was suffering from anxiety, and would be taking a break.

Hopefully, he will overcome his anxiety and get the proper rest he needs and return to the scene in the near future.

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