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Everyone has a song that they associate with a time in their life. Sometimes we have songs that we associate with certain seasons. The K-Pop world is the master of creating season-appropriate music, such as their nostalgic fall music and their breezy spring songs. So, what about the summer?

There are several iconic summer songs by both girl groups and boy groups that we can't get enough of and that have had us dancing over the years. Although we'll never get sick of those, it's important to keep your playlist up-to-date and fresh.

We've compiled a list of some of the hottest summer tracks released by girl groups in 2021, for your summer listening pleasure.

Disclaimer: This list is not a ranking.


1. 'Chi Mat Ba Ram' by Brave Girls

After the success of their track 'Rollin',' Brave Girls immediately rode the wave of their success and started preparing yet another summer comeback. 'Chi Mat Ba Ram' is a song about the refreshing feeling of summer. It is famous for its key dance move, which is where the girls playfully lift the hems of their skirts as a cute dance.

They even start the song with the line, "We're gonna be summer queens, yeah," and we have to hand it to them. They are quickly becoming the queens of the summer bop. Catch the breeze of the summer ocean on a starry night with this new song on your playlist!


2. 'Dun Dun Dance' by OH MY GIRL

The OH MY GIRL members are right up there when it comes to being the queens of the summer bop, as well. They saw huge success with their songs 'Nonstop,' and 'Dolphin,' over the previous summer and this year have returned with a new summer offering 'Dun Dun Dance.'

Dun Dun Dance is all about escaping your mundane daily life and disappearing into your own world where you are free to dance and be yourself. This song is not only catchy but features an addictive dance that you'll find yourself doing without thinking.


3. 'Alcohol-Free' by TWICE

Summer is all about the sea, fun in the sun, and cocktails (even the alcohol-free kind). TWICE brings us yet another summer tune that has us wanting to hop on a flight to the nearest island.

'Alcohol-free,' is about the drunk feeling you get when you fall in love. It feels like the strongest intoxication even if there is no actual alcohol involved. The lyrics and melody have the same effect. From the Latin influence in the song that makes you want to sway under the summer sky, to the cute crab dance that brings out your goofy side, this song will take you to a tropical paradise.


4.  'Hello' by Red Velvet's Joy

'Hello' by Red Velvet's Joy bids the sadness goodbye and welcomes the happiness that comes with adventure. She says farewell to loneliness and painful memories on a journey of self-discovery and relaxation. She said her goal with the song was to bring her name to life and bring joy to anyone who listens to it.

The song is upbeat and catchy with a meaningful message. It is perfect for when the drum of life has got you down and you need a pick-me-up to remind you how beautiful the summer truly is!


5. 'WE GO' by fromis_9

fromis_9 invites us to go as far away as we want to with their 2021 summer tune 'WE GO.' The song is largely about escaping to somewhere beautiful and fun, which most of us find ourselves wanting to do during the summer.

The music video was actually very witty because it played on the fact that as much as we want to go somewhere, a lot of us are stuck in place due to the pandemic. Regardless, with its upbeat melody and optimistic lyrics, this song makes it feel like our bags are packed and flights are booked for an adventure!


Summer is all about being free and getting away. All of these songs encompass that in some way or another. Be it sipping alcohol-free love cocktails on the beach or simply dancing in the middle of a field in a silly way, these summer bops take us there and bring the summer vibes to our ears. Which other summer tunes are you listening to?


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