Have you ever wondered what if some actors or actresses have debuted as a K-Pop idol? Well, apparently there are several celebrities who many fans think that they would also become famous if they chose the path of an idol.

Let's find out who they are!


#1 Park BoGum

Long time fans of Park BoGum would know that he tried to audition for many entertainment agencies as an idol but was rejected. Eventually he went for the path of an actor and did well! Not long ago during his fanmeeting, he surprised his fans when he danced to SEVENTEEN 'Pretty U'!


#2 Park MinYoung

Many were surprised by Park MinYoung's dancing skills when her agency uploaded a video of her dancing with famous choreographer, May J Lee. Fans left comments, saying that she might have been one of the hottest female idols if she had become a K-Pop idol.


#3 Lee JongSuk

Lee JongSuk is another actor that would have done well as an idol! Back in 2017, he performed PSY 'New Face' during his fanmeeting! Despite his shy expressions in between the dance, fans found him really cool and talented!


#4 Lee DongWook

K-Drama fans would definitely know who Lee DongWook is! Also in 2017, he had danced to TWICE 'TT' which became a hot issue among fans from all over the world. The actor was very shy when performing but did his best for his fans!


#5 Lee JoonGi

This actor was overflowing with swag and confidence when he performed to BIGBANG's hit songs such as 'Fantastic Baby', 'Good Boy' and 'Bang Bang Bang'. Fans love how he had put in so much effort because he even sang and rapped live, turning the heat up during the fanmeeting.


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Feb 2, 2019 11:15 pm

So cute LJS ??????

Feb 1, 2019 03:36 pm

Jong Suk was an SM Entertainment Trainee. He trained to be the rapper for the group called Real.