One of the most unique part about K-Pop is definitely those unique and eye-catching dance movements. Fans from all over the world also take time to learn them and some even film dance covers just to show their dedication to the group!

We chose 5 different female idol groups' point dances that we thought might be easy for some to learn!

Although the difficulty differs from people to people, you should definitely give these dances a try as a starter!


#1 MOMOLAND's BBoomBBoom

MOMOLAND's 'BoomBoom' is still one of the hottest jams for many people! Not only is the beat catchy, the choreography for 'BBoomBBoom' also makes it easier for people to learn. Sway the upper part of your body and put your hands at your chest level!


#2 MAMAMOO's Egoistic

Compared to other girl groups, fans believe that MAMAMOO has choreography that is simple yet strong. Just like their latest title track 'Egoistic', many fans love the part when they point at 'you' with both their left and right hands while twisting their hips.


#3 WJSN's Happy

Although this song might not be that new, many K-Pop fans think that this dance is easy and adorable at the same time! They also find it suitable for beach parties as it instantly lifts the mood up! Clap your hands and shake your body before placing them behind your head!


#4 ELRIS's Summer Dream

These 5 girls previously described this part of the choreography as the sun setting down from the sky. They also mentioned that there is another point choreography but this part seemed to get the most cheers from their fans! Join your hands together and place them over your head before moving from one side to another.


#5 OH MY GIRL BANHANA's Banana Allergy Monkey

The moment this music video was released to the public, OH MY GIRL BANHANA gained attention for their unique and cute dance! Some fans think that the concept suits them well as it further shows their adorable sides. Do you want think you can pull off this dance?

Share with us other dances that you think is easy!


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