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Have you always wondered what methods celebrities have to keep in shape and also maintain their clear skin? Well, it looks like the easiest and simplest way is to refrain from eating instant food!

With a healthy and strict diet, it is no wonder these celebrities always stun us with their jaw-dropping figure and flawless skin.

Let's find out who they are!


#1 EXO's D.O

 5 Korean Celebrities That Do Not Eat Instant Food

Letter To D.O

Through an interview held recently, D.O shared that his tip to having good health is to not eat instant food. He also added that meals have to be eaten on time.


#2 Kim JongKook

 5 Korean Celebrities That Do Not Eat Instant Food

Yonhap News

Did you already expect Kim JongKook to be on this list? Well, if you have been a loyal viewer of SBS, "Running Man", you would notice how this celebrity does not eat instant, fast food as well as carbonated drinks. He also actively shares the importance of exercising.


#3 Soyou

 5 Korean Celebrities That Do Not Eat Instant Food

Soyou Instagram

Soyou revealed her refrigerator to the public when she appeared on JTBC, "Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator". Many were surprised that they did not spot any instant food stored inside! Adding on, she revealed that when she does not have schedules, she would cook her own meals at home.


#4 Yoo YeonSeok

 5 Korean Celebrities That Do Not Eat Instant Food

Yoo YeonSeok Instagram

Slightly different from others, actor Yoo YeonSeok confessed that he does not like the taste of instant food. Taking care of his health, he prefers healthy and fresh food and even took up cooking classes to make meals by himself!


#5 Moon GaBi

 5 Korean Celebrities That Do Not Eat Instant Food

Moon GaBi Instagram

Have you heard of the model, Moon GaBi? She is one of the most talked about models in Korea thanks to her glamorous figure! Moon GaBi shared that she took contemporary dance classes when she was young and since then, has been eating sweet potatoes instead of instant food.


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Jan 18, 2019 07:28 pm

Stay away from that processed garbage, the longer the food's shelf-life the shorter yours is. Fat traps toxins and there's a theory all the chemicals are making everyone obese