5 K-Pop Idols Get You Ready for Spring Season Love Through Songs

K-Pop idols want you to get in the mood for Spring season love through a new array of beautiful songs about Spring.

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Flowers are blossoming, birds are singing, and the cool breeze is throwing fragrant winds through your hair. What better time than to get yourself ready for that beautiful Spring season love. K-Pop idols are already sending out beautiful song about Spring to get you welcoming the upcoming change of season in the right mood.

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Which 2017 Spring song gets you in the Spring-y mood?


“Spring Again” by Cao Lu, Kissum & YeRin of GFriend


“You, Who?” by Eric Nam x SoMi


“Morning Call” by VROMANCE


“Rain in the Spring Time” by GFriend


“Spring Days” by BTS


 Keep a look out for all the upcoming Spring songs of 2017~

8 Perfect K-Pop Duet Songs for a Hot Summer Date

Get ready to revamp your summer playlist with the 8 perfect K-Pop songs for a hot summer date!

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It’s summer, and what better way to cool off than to go out on a date? While you’re strolling down a beautiful summer road, chilling by the crystalline beach, or having the time of your life at an amusement park, make sure to brighten up the mood with a playlist of the best K-Pop duet songs! There are a tremendous amount of duet tracks featuring our favorite K-Pop celebrities, but we chose our 8 duets that are the best choice for a hot summer date!

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Check out our list of 8 K-Pop duets that are sure to cool y’all down during the hot hot summer!

1. San E & Raina – “Sugar and Me”


2. Jung GiGo & SoYou of SISTAR – “Some”


3. IU & Im SeulOng – “Nagging”


4. G.NA & Rain – “What I Want to Do if I Have a Lover”


5. JiMin of AOA & XiuMin of EXO – “Call You Bae”


6. Park Kyung of BLOCK B & EunHa of GFriend – “Inferiority Complex”


7. Jessica & Park MyungSoo – “NaengMyun”


8. San E & Raina – “A Mid-Summer Night’s Sweetness”


7 K-Pop Groups’ Non-Title Songs That are Too Good to Pass Up

You have to listen to these mind blowing non-title tracks that weren’t promoted!

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We all know that there are more than just the title track to a K-Pop album, but do we honestly listen to them all? We tend to only listen to the entire album if it belongs to our K-Pop biases. For other K-Pop artists, we usually only remember or even listen to the title tracks. Maybe that’s why everyone is coming back with multiple title tracks.

Either way, we’ve compiled a list of 7 K-Pop songs that you absolutely have to listen to. Although they weren’t chosen as the title track of the specific album, these tracks are way too good to pass up. They honestly needed to be individually promoted.

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Take a listen to our first list of 7 K-Pop groups’ non-title tracks that were so good, we wonder why they weren’t individually promoted!

1. Super Junior – “Sexy Free & Single” – Daydream


2. Oh My Girl – “Pink Ocean” – B612


3. WINNER – “EXIT: E” – I’m Young


4. f(x) – “Electric Shock” – Beautiful Stranger


5. Girls’ Generation TTS – “Hollar” – EYES


6. BTS – “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2” – Dead Leaves


7. EXID – “Ah Yeah” – Pat Pat


Which non-title track did you love the most?

Wanna share your favorite non-title track that’s not listed here?

Share it with us in the comments below!