5 K-Pop Idols Netizens Want To Shower With Gifts On White Day

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White Day, in case you’re unfamiliar with it, is observed on March 14th and is a day when guys give sweets or other types of gifts such as perfume, bags, and etc. to girls that they have affection for.

It’s basically another Valentine’s Day. The difference is that Valentine’s Day in South Korea is observed by women and White Day, is usually observed by men who received gifts from women on Valentine’s Day.

According to South Korean news agency Sports Chosun, these five female K-Pop idols were the top candidates chosen by 602 students that they wanted to give gifts to on White Day. It’s hard enough to receive presents from people you know nowadays but these five ladies don’t seem to have any trouble as they even have people lining up to give them presents.


#1 Red Velvet‘s Irene (142 votes)

Red Velvet Irene, Red Velvet Irene Profile



#2 AOA‘s SeolHyun (108 votes)

SeolHyun Profile, AOA SeolHyun, AOA SeolHyun Profile, SeolHyun



#3 Suzy (84 votes)

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#4 SNSD‘s YoonA (52 votes)

YoonA, YoonA Profile, Girls Generation YoonA

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#5 TWICE‘s Sana (44 votes)

TWICE Sana, TWICE Sana Profile



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