5 K-Pop Idols Who Debuted After Following Their Friend To An Audition

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5 K-Pop Idols Who Debuted After Following Their Friend To An Audition

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Not all idols decided that they wanted to become an idol since they were young, it all happened because of some of their friends, family members or even through some fateful events.

It was known that some idols got cast or passed an audition after following someone they know personally.

Let’s find out who they are.


#1 Wanna One‘s Bae JinYoung

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Bitter End

It was revealed that the casting manager of his company was around his school area and Bae JinYoung was suggested to go for an audition after receiving recommendation from his friend. Bae JinYoung passed the audition and became a trainee of his company! That was when he signed up for Mnet “Produce 101” and became part of Wanna One.


#2 Apink‘s Son NaEun

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It was known by some fans that Son NaEun originally intended to pursue her dreams as an artist. During the time when she was preparing to enroll in an arts university, she followed her cousin for an audition and ended up auditioning too. She had to choose between debuting as an idol or becoming an artist but decided to go for the former.


#3 BTS‘s V

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Winter Strawverry

Some fans might have already know but V followed his friend for an audition back in his hometown. During that time, the casting staff suggested V to go for an audition and it was revealed that he had called his father, asking for permission to go for it. After his father allowed him, it was said that he was the only one who had passed the audition.


#4 EXO‘s XiuMin

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Dream Min

XiuMin revealed that he was actually preparing to enter a sports university when he followed his friend for SM open audition. During that time, he was cast and shared that he was very thankful to his friend! If not for him, he would have not been where he is right now.


#5 Suzy

Many already knew the fact that Suzy went to audition for “Superstar K Season 1” but not many know that she actually went to audition because of her friend LABOUM‘s SoYeon!


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