5 K-Pop Idols With Rare and Unique Last Names

[MV] IU – ‘Blueming’



5 K-Pop Idols With Rare and Unique Last Names

[MV] IU – ‘Blueming’

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Having a unique last name is a thing in South Korea. With a plethora of all the Kims, Lees, and Parks, it doesn’t hurt to have a family last name that stands out from everybody else’s.

In fact, the last names Kim, Lee, and Park make up more than half the population of South Korea. That’s like saying half of the people in the US are all Smiths and Johnsons.

Check out the K-Pop idols with rare and unique last names below!


Taeyang (Dong)

Big Bang Taeyang, Big Bang Taeyang Profile

YG Entertainment

Taeyang’s last name Dong is rare as they come. There are only approximately around 5,000 people in South Korea with the same last name.


SeungKwan (Boo)

SEVENTEEN SeungKwan, SEVENTEEN SeungKwan Profile

Pledis Entertainment

Boo! It’s scary how rare SEVENTEEN member SeungKwan’s last name is. There are only around 1,000 people in all of South Korea with the same last name. People with the surname Boo are usually from Jeju Island, and so it’s not too surprising to know that SeungKwan himself is also from Jeju Island.


SeongWu (Ong)

Ong SeongWu, Ong SeongWu Profile


Wanna One member Ong SeongWu is the first South Korean idol ever to have the surname Ong. There are only around 723 people with the last name Ong in South Korea.


Gaon (Beom)

Beom Gaon, Beom Gaon Profile, Bonus Baby Gaon, Bonus Baby Gaon Profile

Daram Kuma

While it may not sound too rare at first for South Koreans, there are only 3,500-4,000 people in the country with the same last name as Bonus Baby member Gaon’s.


HuiHyeon (Ki)

DIA HuiHyeon, DIA HuiHyeon Profile


DIA member HuiHyeon’s last name Ki also falls into this category. There are only around 2-500-2,800 South Koreans with the last name Ki.


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