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In K-Pop, timing is a rather tricky thing as one song might not receive as much attention when it was first released but rises on the music charts years later. As such, many people also talked about how luck plays a huge role in determining the popularity of a K-Pop group.

Kpopmap noticed over the years, there are about 5 K-Pop songs which received either spotlight years later or came back into spotlight.

Let's find out which are those songs!


1. EXID - 'Up & Down'

The most memorable example for this list would be 'Up & Down' by EXID.

It was said that EXID was almost on the verge of disbanding but the success of a fancam had saved the girls from facing disbandment. In the end, they promoted once again on music shows and that moment became their turning point.


2. Brave Girls - 'Rollin''

'Rollin'' is the current song that is receiving so much attention!

Thanks to a compilation of performances of Brave Girls performing to them in military bases, they are receiving the attention from music lovers for its addictive and fun rhythm.

It was also reported on March 5 that the girls will be promoting 'Rollin'' once again on music shows and many are already looking forward to their future schedules!


3. N.Flying - 'Rooftop'

'Rooftop' by N.Flying holds a special meaning for the boys as it entered the 'Top 100' on Melon Charts for the first time since their debut.

The song was released first in January 2019 but only received the attention from music lovers about a month later. The result?

A first on the music chart!


4. 2PM - 'My House'

'My House' was released back in 2015 but around 2020, the song became popular and many idols were doing the cover dance challenge.

It is amazing to see how a 5 years old song was able to make such a spectacular comeback!


5. Rain - 'GANG'

'GANG' was brought back to light after a high school student had uploaded a short dance cover of the song on YouTube. As of 2021, the video had garnered more than 5 million views and for those who are curious, make sure to check it out here.

After the viral video, a remix version of 'GANG' by Sik-K, Jay Park and HAON was released and it had received large amount of love from the public too.





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