Here are 5 women who are proud of themselves being feminist.

Starting from Hahn SeoHee's statement, there was the boom related to feminism. Because Hahn SeoHee declared that she is a feminist in a Instagram Live. With or without good affects from it, Korean people started to give attention about what feminism is.

According to Oxford Dictionary, Feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. In Western world, Emma Watson is the representative star who declare oneself the feminist.

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Thus, it's time to know which celebrities called themselves the feminist in Korea.



1. SNSD's Tiffany

Last year, Ewha Women's University students sang 'Into The New World' of SNSD in the lawful protesting scene against corruption. Tiffany mentioned about this situation, "I was so proud of that as SNSD." and "Now is the time of Feminists and important period for women to support other women".

 5 Ladies Who Call Themselves The Feminist



2. Gong HyoJin

"I am a feminist when I'm working" and "I've worked with lots of female movie directors while many experiences piled up, which made me a feminist. I am upset when I see women directors can't do things they deserve. There were differences on how directors are treated, depending on sex."

 5 Ladies Who Call Themselves The Feminist


3. Hahn SeoHee

"Some people say calling myself feminist is a kind of marketing. But I just say that I'm a feminist because I want to say, that's all."

 5 Ladies Who Call Themselves The Feminist



4.  Kim HyeSoo

Kim HyeSoo has put on feminism t-shirts of DIOR, which printed 'WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINIST'. In the past interview, she told, "It's hard to find the films where female character depicts the main ones" and "Even if so, it's only ended up being a supporting character who helps male one".

 5 Ladies Who Call Themselves The Feminist



5.Han YeRi

"I think that what Feminist should do is listening to what female filmmakers say and answering them."

 5 Ladies Who Call Themselves The Feminist



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