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There are many different ways to define and differentiate personality types. Some prefer the MBTI, some like the zodiac, and others use the nearest possible comparisons to describe an individual. Animal types are often used to classify face shapes, such as the cat-type, fox-type, or even dinosaur-type facial shapes. On the other hand, these animal types can also be used to point out different character traits in people.

Golden retrievers are seen as loyal, carefree, and sweet, cuddly animals. When this term is used to describe actual people, the same characteristics are carried over. These individuals are warm, loving, loyal and full of energy that you cannot help but love. Here are 5 K-Pop idols that we believe give us "golden retriever" energy!


1. ATEEZ's YunHo

 5 Male K-Pop Idols Who Give Us Golden Retriever Energy

ATEEZ's Twitter

YunHo has all the characteristics that give him big "golden retriever" energy. He's tall and adorable, has broad shoulders that make us think that he gives great hugs and his smile can light up the whole world. His members will definitely vouch for his warm personality too. 


2. MONSTA X's MinHyuk

 5 Male K-Pop Idols Who Give Us Golden Retriever Energy

MONSTA X's Twitter

MinHyuk is an expressive person who loves being affectionate and showering his love over his members. He doesn't shy away from letting them know just how much he loves them and how much they mean to him. If that doesn't remind you of a big old golden retriever, we don't know what else would! In addition, MinHyuk is also often compared to a Maltese puppy!


3. WEi's Kim DongHan

 5 Male K-Pop Idols Who Give Us Golden Retriever Energy

WEi's Twitter

No matter how chic and sharp DongHan looks on stage, he's a big softie inside. It is impossible not to fall in love with him while looking into his doe-eyes. He's kind and sincere and also a little shy, which makes him all the more adorable. There's always a twinkle in his eyes when he is with his members or talking about something he loves. We sense strong golden retriever energy. 


4. BTS' J-Hope

 5 Male K-Pop Idols Who Give Us Golden Retriever Energy

BTS' Twitter

BTS' J-Hope is the very definition of a human vitamin. Whenever you are upset, you can count on J-Hope to make you feel better, whether it be through his music or simply his personality. J-Hope is sunshine personified and so are golden retrievers. We can totally see the similarity, can you?


5. TXT's BeomGyu

 5 Male K-Pop Idols Who Give Us Golden Retriever Energy

TXT's Twitter

BeomGyu is beloved by millions for his sweet and playful personality and it is impossible to deny that if BeomGyu were a puppy, he would most definitely be a golden retriever. Besides, blonde hair suits BeomGyu the best! The innocence in his eyes and his mischievous attitude are all hallmarks of the "golden retriever" personality.




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My sunshine , j hope. Saranghae 💜💜💜💜💜💜 BORAHAE