SHINee's TaeMin released his 3rd album "Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1" and the title track 'Criminal'. He has participated a lot in this album.

TaeMin prepared an amazing performance with great facial expressions for 'Criminal'. Moreover, the overall is filmographic and artistic.

The song, the stage, and the concept made us fall in love with the song. Here are 5 points of 'Criminal' that got us addicted.


1- Artistic tied hands

One of the key points of the choreography is the tied hands at the beginning. In a magnificent move, TaeMin loosens the ribbon with his mouth. In his MV commentary, he explained that he was the one that got the idea.


2- A dangerous eye patch

The eye patch makes a huge impact on the outfit and TaeMin's looks even more attractive and dangerous with it.


3- Mesmerizing turns

In this dance, TaeMin keeps on spinning. It looks just amazing. Some fans mentioned that he looked like a figure skater.


4- "Ruin me more"

At the bridge part, TaeMin is whispering "ruin me more" which also could be heard as "run away please". In his MV commentary, TaeMin explained that he wanted to make it confusing on purpose.


5- Elegant back jump

One more point of this catchy choreography is this elegant back jump.

If you have yet to see TaeMin's performance, make sure to check his music video and performance.

Let us know in the comments which part are you addicted too.


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