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At A Distance, Spring Is Green,” is one of the latest popular K-Dramas on everybody’s watchlist. Starring Park JiHoon as YeoJun, Kang MinAh as Kim SoBin, and Bae InHyuk as Nam SooHyun, the show is receiving a lot of hype. Even the supporting cast has been getting a lot of attention. Supporting cast members include actors such as CLC's Kwon EunBin who plays Wang YoungRan, Woo DaBi who plays Kong MiJu, Choi JungWoo plays Hong ChanKi, and Na InWoo who plays Yeo Jun's older brother Yeo JunWan.

It is set at a university and explores the challenges that students from different backgrounds face. However, a lot of coming-of-age K-dramas may have a similar premise, so why should you watch this one? 

We’ve compiled an unranked list of reasons why you should be watching “At A Distance, Spring Is Green.” 

WARNING: This article may contain spoilers from episodes 1 to 4 of the K-Drama! 


 1. Star-studded with rookie actors

The actors in "At A Distance, Spring Is Green," are mostly rookies who have been known for their roles in web dramas or recent big dramas. Park JiHoon was a child actor. He picked up his acting career again after his time in Wanna One when he started promoting as a solo artist under Maroo Entertainment. He naturally attracted attention due to his updated job description as an acting idol. Kang MinAh gained popularity from her roles in "A-Teen 2," and "True Beauty." Bae InHyuk is another budding star with a few web dramas under his belt. Currently, fans are loving the fact that they can watch him so many times in a week, as he is also in the currently airing K-Drama "My Roommate Is A Gumiho."

Other fan favorites in the drama are CLC's Kwon EunBin, who has acted in several dramas including an appearance in the hit 2021 K-Drama "Youth of May," and Na InWoo who took on the lead role in "River Where The Moon Rises."

 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching "At A Distance, Spring Is Green"

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2. Realistic storyline about youth struggles

“At A Distance, Spring Is Green,” poses questions about how youth have to follow a life that was pre-determined for them. It especially tackles how young people get thrown into society without knowing how it really works and somehow are expected to survive.  

In the first few scenes of the first episode, YeoJun sneers at the concept that "The spring of youth is green." The world says they've become adults, but they cannot really admit that yet and so it is labeled as 'youth.' YeoJun says that the only reason youth must seem so great to adults is that they are looking at it from a distance.

 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching "At A Distance, Spring Is Green"

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3. Character dynamics

There are a lot of complex character dynamics that make this drama interesting. The main dynamic being with the three main characters: YeoJun, Kim SoBin, and Nam SooHyun. They all have extremely different personalities and somehow end up constantly encountering each other.

YeoJun is a popular people-pleaser whom people often misunderstand as being a spoilt rich kid with no problems. However, he has several reasons to be vulnerable. Kim SoBin is someone who tries her best but tends not to have luck in her efforts. She is timid and sees the good in people. Whereas, Nam SooHyun works so hard to survive that he doesn't feel like he has time for luxuries such as friendships. He is a bit cynical, which makes for an interesting relationship with polar-opposite YeoJun who wants to become close to him.

These three characters all have different perspectives that interfere with each other's way of doing things, but end up slowly learning from each other. It is interesting to see how they get along and how their relationships will develop.

 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching "At A Distance, Spring Is Green"

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4. Refreshing friendship-focused drama

Although there are obvious love lines throughout the drama, it has a refreshing focus on friendship first. It focuses on what it takes to form friendships and identify real versus fake friendships. It also highlights how some friendships may be out of convenience or for the personal benefit of people with an agenda. These are problems that many K-Drama fans would be able to identify with and relate to real life. That earns this drama more points in terms of relatability.

 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching "At A Distance, Spring Is Green"

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5. The drama is adapted from a webtoon

Not only does this mean that if you cannot get enough of the drama, you have a webtoon to read through too; but it also means you get to compare the differences between the two! Considering that the webtoon is actually of the BL genre, viewers are curious whether any BL motifs will be included in the live-action K-Drama. Even if there aren't, it should be interesting to see how the character relationships progress.

 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching "At A Distance, Spring Is Green"

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This drama is definitely worth checking out this year. Make sure to add this relatable coming-of-age story to your watchlist!


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