5 Rich and Handsome Male K-Pop Idols Who Own Buildings

They have it all. Good looks, talent, fame, and money. These five idols seem to have everything set even after their idol careers.

Owning a building in the right areas of a city is a great thing. It rakes in steady profit and also opens doors to other business opportunities and endeavors. These five K-Pop idols were smart enough to invest their earnings into something that could potentially generate higher earnings in the long run. 



Currently serving in his mandatory military service, KyuHyun purchased a six-story building near Myung-Dong, a shopper’s heaven in Seoul. The building was purchased for 7 Million USD. It is currently being used as a guesthouse for tourists.

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Kim JaeJoong

Kim JaeJoong purchased a building in the Gang-nam District of Seoul for 7.5 Million USD. The initials for his name is also the name of this building.

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The Big Bang member purchased a seven-story building that is currently being leased out to various different types of agencies.

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Jung YongHwa

Jung YongHwa’s building is worth 10 Million USD. The whole building is leased out to a bed and mattress company.

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And the idol with the most expensive and profitable building is none other than DaeSung of Big Bang. His building is in the heart of South Korea’s richest area, Gang-nam. Worth 31 Million USD, DaeSung’s building is an eight-stories high and is at the most profitable location in Gang-nam(Apgujeong Rodeo Drive). The first floor is leased out to Starbucks.

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