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K-Pop idols have become more daring with their hair in 2021. Be it even bolder colors and dye jobs, interesting cuts, or wearing a style different to their signature look, they're trying it all. This year has seen an increase in certain bang cuts and hairstyles. Idols are cutting their fringes and getting incredible reactions about their heightened beauty.

As the trends spread across K-Pop girl group stages, a lot of fans find themselves wanting to try the looks out. Here is a list of the most popular cuts of bangs that idols are rocking in 2021.


1. Princess Cut/Step Bangs

 5 Styles Of Bangs That Female K-Pop Idols Are Rocking In 2021

OH MY GIRL Mimi's Instagram / StayC's Twitter

OH MY GIRL's Mimi and StayC's SeEun have both rocked this bold look for their comebacks this year. Both comebacks were about having fun and this hairstyle doesn't disappoint.

HyunA (who has tried a fair share of the cuts on this list) has also tried the look for her shoot with Calvin Klein, alongside her boyfriend DAWN.

 5 Styles Of Bangs That Female K-Pop Idols Are Rocking In 2021

HyunA's Instagram

The shorter part is sharply cut to chin-length, draping the face, and the rest of the hair is left long. The idols who have tried this look have also played around with dying the bangs different colors to accentuate the different hair lengths. Would you try such a bold cut?


2. Curled Bangs

 5 Styles Of Bangs That Female K-Pop Idols Are Rocking In 2021

Girls' Generation's TaeYeon's Instagram / (G)I-DLE's Instagram

This is one of the flirtier hairstyles of 2021. The curly fringe parted in the middle gives idols a romantic look. As it frames their faces, many idols tend to pair the style with a red lip to accentuate their facial features.

Girls' Generation's TaeYeon rocked the look with a rose, exuding charm. (G)I-DLE's Yuqi is also one of the idols who has been praised for how well these curls suit her. (G)I-DLE's Yuqi is actually known for her ability to pull off almost any hairstyle, so it is no surprise that she looks stunning in this one.


3. See-through Bangs

 5 Styles Of Bangs That Female K-Pop Idols Are Rocking In 2021

BLACKPINK Lisa's Instagram/ OH MY GIRL's Instagram

These are the most popular bangs amongst idols this year and can be seen on most idol stages. This style of bangs makes for an airy and wispy look and lends itself to a playful but elegant aesthetic, depending on how you style it.

Idols such as BLACKPINK's Lisa have occasionally opted for this light look in 2021. As most BLINKs know, Lisa is famous for her full and thick bangs that completely cover her forehead. Even more so for the fact that when she is crushing choreography on-stage, her fringe doesn't seem to move. To find out the truth about why that is, read this article. The see-through bangs look brings a new freshness to her face and highlights how pretty her forehead is.

OH MY GIRL's JiHo also rocked the playful look which suited her fairy-like visuals and pastel hair beautifully.


4. Choppy Bangs

 5 Styles Of Bangs That Female K-Pop Idols Are Rocking In 2021

Red Velvet SeulGi's Instagram / HyunA's Instagram

This style of bangs is more on the edgy side. A fringe is cut unevenly to give the effect of something that has been roughly chopped. It usually ends slightly above the eyebrows, drawing attention to the eyes.

This is another hair trend that HyunA has tried in 2021 and is also slowly becoming one of Red Velvet SeulGi's signature looks. She was even listed as one of the best idols to rock the hairstyle.


5. Onion Bangs

 5 Styles Of Bangs That Female K-Pop Idols Are Rocking In 2021

HyunA's Instagram / Weki Meki's Kim DoYeon's Instagram

These bangs are on the subtle side. They get their name from how the wispy streaks coming down on the forehead resemble onion roots. These bangs are also easy to hide and push back into your hairline if you don't want to wear them out. This is a good cut for a girly and adorable look.

HyunA gives herself a youthful look with these whimsical wisps. As does Weki Meki's Kim DoYeon with her radiance.


These are some of the most prominent bang hairstyles shining across K-Pop girl group stages at the moment. Some of them are variations of previous trends, and some of them are brand new. It should be interesting to see how these cuts evolve into future styling trends.


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