There's nothing better than listening to female K-Pop vocalists who have extremely silky and soft vocals sing your favorite tunes.

While there is a certain vocal standard that all idols must be above, there are the exceptional ones that are surprisingly better than you'd expect them to be. The five idols we are about to introduce you to fit into the mentioned category and come to think of it, it wouldn't be a bad idea for some of them to actually kick-start a solo artist career at some point.


ChaeWon (APRIL)

 5 Top Silky Honey Laced Female K-Pop Vocalists


Having vocals that can fill up space is a producer's dream when working on any song. April's vocals not only fill up the necessary space in a song but is also soulful. Her vocal range may not be the highest, but it is extremely versatile since it lies in the mid range section.


HaeBin (Gugudan)

 5 Top Silky Honey Laced Female K-Pop Vocalists


Though she may sometimes be overshadowed by her fellow members SeJeong or Mina, who both have roots in I.O.I, she has exhibited amazing vocal capabilities through the musical "Monte Cristo". She is able to maintain a soft voice while also having a high pitch range as well. For most K-Pop vocalists in their twenties, being able to easily do that is quite an accomplishment, given her young age. 


SeolA (WJSN)

 5 Top Silky Honey Laced Female K-Pop Vocalists

WJSN Official

Playing the visual role in the thirteen member group WJSN, SeolA is also one of the vocalists within the group that are known as the best singer. She has notably received good response from the public and surprised them with her unique blend of nasal and soft vocal tones through cover performances. 


SiYeon (Dreamcatcher)

 5 Top Silky Honey Laced Female K-Pop Vocalists

Happy Face Entertainment

What sets SiYeon apart from the other vocalists we have mentioned is her unique style of rock vocals that is difficult to find these days. Rock music has somewhat died out from the mainstream market but its essence still lives on in vocalists like SiYeon.


KeumJo (Nine Muses)

 5 Top Silky Honey Laced Female K-Pop Vocalists

KeumJo Instagram

Her reputation as a competent vocalist began when rumors spread between musicians, producers, and songwriters that have worked with her before. It was before her debut and she apparently has recorded many times as a guide vocalist for K-Pop music. So it's no surprise that as a veteran songwriter and vocalist, KeumJo would make it on the list.



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