5 Upcoming Web Dramas To Look Forward To

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5 Upcoming Web Dramas To Look Forward To

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KBS / E&T Story Entertainmnet

Web dramas are getting more and more popular among Korean and international audience. The quality of these dramas is getting better and better with a great plot and a talented cast. It is quite common to see rookies or non-famous actors on web dramas, viewers can discover much of these unknown talents. It is also common to see idols making their acting debut through a web drama before acting on TV dramas or some also just keep acting on web dramas.

For international viewers, there are subtitles in various languages and diverse platforms available to enjoy the shows. One of the most famous producers of Korean web dramas might be Playlist but Netflix and YouTube are also releasing their original Korean dramas.

There are many upcoming exciting web dramas, here is a selection of 5 of them! Let us know in the comment which web drama you are expecting the most.


1- “Love Alarm”

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“Love Alarm” webtoon / Management Soop / Namoo Actors / E&T Story Entertainment

When: 2019

Cast: Kim SoHyun, Song Kang, and Jung GaRam

Summary: “Love Alarm” is a webtoon about people that want to know their true heart in a society where people use an app to find out who likes them. To be precise, the app is telling people who like them in the 10 meters around.

Reason to wait for it: Based on a popular webtoon, the story is already well-loved. Moreover, the top actress Kim SoHyun is part of the cast, making some even more tempted to watch it.

For more information about the drama and cast, you can check out cast and summary here.


2- “A-Teen 2”

ateen season 2 drama, ateen 2 cast, ateen 2 summary, ateen web drama, a teen playlist,

Playlist Studio / Golden Child Official

When: April 25, 2019

Cast: APRIL‘s Lee NaEun, Kim DongHeeGolden Child‘s BoMin, Kang MinAh, Kim SooHyun, Ryu EuiHyun, and more

Summary: The web drama is about the worries and love stories of teens. The changes that the main characters are going through by changing from 18 to 19 years old. They are going through a lot with the preparation of the SAT (college entrance exam) and this comes with a lot of choices to be made.

Reason to wait for it: The first season of the web drama was very popular in and out of Korea. The web drama broke records with more than 140 million views. The story hooked many with the first season and this second one promises to do so with new faces.

For more information about the drama and cast, you can check out cast and summary here.


3- “The Sorrow of Parting”

Ko SeungHyung webdrama


When: Mar. 28, 2019

Cast: Ko SeungHyung, former FIESTAR member Jei

Summary: “The Sorrow of Parting” focuses on two lovers who get into a sad but rather realistic conflict during their trip to Jeju Island. It seems that this might jerk viewers tears.

Reason to wait for it: This web drama caught our attention because it will be the first time in Korea that such a web drama will be released. For his debut single album “Nothing to Do”, Ko SeungHyung released his MV under the format of a web drama. STX LIONHEART ENT. mentioned that the web drama will be available with English subtitles and be of 5 episodes long. Ko SeungHyung got popular when he appeared in “I Can See Your Voice” Season 1.


4- “Happy That It’s This All-Male High School”

Happy That It’s This All-Male High School webdrama

FNC Entertainment

When: April 2019

Cast: N.Flying ‘s Lee SeungHyub & Kim JaeHyun,

Summary: Two high school boys growing and getting mature together. They are thinking about their dreams and future.

Reason to wait for it: A 10 episodes drama that promises much fun. Moreover, many are curious to see the 2 boys’ chemistry and acting on screen.


5- “Two Hearts”

two hearts webdrama


When: Mar. 30

Cast: Baro (Cha SunWoo), Park YooNa, Kim Wook, AOA ‘s YuNa, Kim KaEun, JBJ95s Kenta & Kim SangKyun, and more.

Summary: It is a web drama about the friendship and love of young people that love soccer and K-League.

Reason to wait for it: The story seems already interesting. For those of you who like sports, this might be on the top of your watchlist.


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