6 Attractive K-Pop Idols Who Came From Thai

Sawadee Kap! These days, idols from Thai are getting much attention and popularity. You can check out Who they are here.

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It’s global era, as we all know. However, Korea has been a quite conservative area especially for foreigners so far. Among lots of K-Pop idols, foreign members were considered as unique existences. As time goes by, not a few foreign idol members appeared and they got huge amount of popularity from K-Pop fans. They are not strangers to fans anymore, but they are special stars who deserve warm welcome. Recently, as you can see by BLACKPINK’s Lisa, idols from Thai are raising sense of their existence. We are going to introduce amazing lineup from Thai, below. Here we go!

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1. BLACKPINK‘s Lisa 

One of the hottest K-Pop girl groups, BLACKPINK’s cute maknae, Lisa came from Thai when she was 14. She got the glorious position, which is the first foreign member in YG entertainment. She shows why YG chose her through perfect dancing skills, fluent Korean, and attractive personality. Her real name is Lalisa Manoban.

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2. NCT‘s Ten

SM’s rookie boy group NCT has a foreign member, who is Ten from Thai. His real name is Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul. Before he debuted as NCT, he won the second place in Thai idol audition competition. He got good singing skills and perfect looks for idols. After he finally passed SM entertainment’s audition and he keeps seizing his opportunity as NCT’s member.

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press it


3. GOT7‘s BamBam

JYP’s awesome boy group, GOT7’s BamBam hailed from Thai. His real name is Kunpimook Bhuwakul. Young BamBam has been influenced by his mom who was a big fan of Rain, the former artist in JYP entertainment. He won the dancing contest to cover Rain’s performing and finally entered JYP. 

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4. CLC‘s Sorn

CLC, that came back with a new song recently, has a foreign member, Sorn. She was called as Chonnasorn Sajaku in Thai and her stage name was named after it. Sorn won the survival idol contest around 5 Asian countries and entered CUBE entertainment. She is well known for her amazing performing skills and fluent Korean.

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5. Real Girls Project‘s Mint

Mint, who started as Tiny G’s member, came from Thai too. Her real name is Goonshipas Peonpaweevorakul. Mint is having solo activities and appearing in “IDOL [email protected]” as an actress. It shows she is entertainer.

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6. 2PM‘s Nichkhun

Nickhun was almost first Thai idol who got popular. Since his day 1 after the debut, he has been called Thai prince due to his elegant look and handsome face. His real name is Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul. When he lived in America, he participated in Korean festival and was scouted by JYP’s staff.

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Nichkhun’s Instagram


You might be surprised by the number of Thai idols which is not a few. We all know it’s not easy for them to work in foreign country away from their family. K-Pop fans are cheering up them to have amazing activities in Korea!

Kpopmap Charts: 10 Male Idols Hailing From California, U.S.A

While a number of foreign K-Pop idols come from the United States, it seems that a good majority of them are actually from California. (There’s really got to be something in the water.)

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For this week’s Kpopmap Chart, we’re shouting out all the male idols who hail from America’s Golden State. Bring out the boys! 

1. 2PM’s Nichkhun


Nichkhun was born in Rancho Cucamonga, a city in Southern California. While he traveled to study in Thailand and New Zealand for most of his childhood, he returned when he was a teenager and graduated from Los Osos High School.


2. GOT7’s Mark

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Mark Tuan of GOT7 is a native Los Angeleno, and when he has the time, he often returns to visit his family, who still lives there. Mark was a student at Arcadia High School, but left when he was a sophomore to move to South Korea and train with JYP. 

3. Kevin Woo

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Twitter @kevriel

Kevin Woo hails from Danville, California and lived there until he moved to South Korea to pursue his singing career when he was 16 years old. Kevin’s California travel tip? Try Santa Monica Pier’s funnel cake, which he insists “you can’t leave without having.”

4. KARD’s BM

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Twitter @Kard_BlackJack

BM grew up in Upland, California, a suburb located in San Bernadino County outside of Los Angeles. The rapper was recently given the honor of being able to perform in his hometown area for the first time last May on the group’s WILD KARD 2017 Tour.

5. Shinhwa’s Andy

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Twitter @exceeding_pain

Andy grew up in San Fernando Valley and attended Granada Hills’ JFK High School before moving to Seoul. Oddly enough, fellow Shinhwa member Eric moved to USA from Seoul and was also studying in LA at the same exact time, but the two didn’t know one another.

6. Tiger JK

drunken tiger, tiger jk, tiger jk 2017, california kpop idols, tiger jk profile

Tiger JK’s Facebook

Tiger JK might not be native to California, but he did have the privilege to spend his teenage years in one of the state’s loftiest zip codes – 90210. The rapper attended Beverly Hills High School, where he studied alongside Angelina Jolie, Breckin Meyer, and Antonio Sabado Jr.

7. SEVENTEEN’s Joshua

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Splash Rain

Joshua was born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles, having attended Downtown Magnets High School. When he lived in Los Angeles, he was heavily involved in his church, where he played guitar as part of the praise team.

8. Day6’s Jae


WooZoo Sound

Jae was born in Argentina, but moved to Long Beach, California when he was three years old. Before auditioning for “K-Pop Star 6” (and consequently being picked up by JYP), the idol attended California State University, Long Beach, where he studied Political Science.


 9. JJCC’s Eddy

eddy, jjcc, jjcc 2017, california kpop idols, eddy jjcc profile

Twitter @JJCC_US

Eddy was born and raised in Los Angeles, California before moving to Tokyo with his family when he was a freshman in high school. Despite still having his U.S. citizenship, the singer revealed during an interview with “Cultwo Show” that he voluntarily served in the Korean military.


10. NU’EST’s Aron

aron, nuest, airport fashion, kpop


Aron is yet another Los Angeleno that made it on the chart. Did you know that Nichkhun and Aron were scouted while attending the same Los Angeles Korean music festival? What a small world! 

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TOP 3 Foreign Girl Idols Who Lured Korea with Their Beauty

As K-Pop industry gets bigger, more foreign members are included in groups since there are so many talents who want to join the industry and in purpose to keep the industry global.

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Having a foreign member is a no big deal since there are a lot of groups like f(x), TWICE, CLC, Fiesta has at least one member who’s got different nationality.

Among them, there are members who are outstandingly beautiful and gathers more fans than Korean members do. They’ve got the look of goddesses and it lures fans of both men and women.

Here are the top 3 girl idols who have struck Korea with their beauty.

1st – Zhou Jiequiong / Joo KyulKyung of PRISTIN

GIF Tzuzy, Tzuzy of TWICE, KyulKyung of PRISTIN, KyulKyung, Victoria, Victoria of f(x), TWICE, f(x), PRISTIN

Tzuzy, Tzuzy of TWICE, KyulKyung of PRISTIN, KyulKyung, Victoria, Victoria of f(x), TWICE, f(x), PRISTIN



2nd – Tzuzy of TWICE

GIF Tzuzy, Tzuzy of TWICE, KyulKyung of PRISTIN, KyulKyung, Victoria, Victoria of f(x), TWICE, f(x), PRISTIN

Tzuzy, Tzuzy of TWICE, KyulKyung of PRISTIN, KyulKyung, Victoria, Victoria of f(x), TWICE, f(x), PRISTIN



3rd–  Victoria of f(x)

GIF Tzuzy, Tzuzy of TWICE, KyulKyung of PRISTIN, KyulKyung, Victoria, Victoria of f(x), TWICE, f(x), PRISTIN

Tzuzy, Tzuzy of TWICE, KyulKyung of PRISTIN, KyulKyung, Victoria, Victoria of f(x), TWICE, f(x), PRISTIN

Chevalier_VK / Instiz

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GFriend Love Their Foreign Fans For These Simple Reasons

GFriend sat down for an interview for their “THE AWAKENING” album, and the girls revealed their overseas promotion plans and what they love about their foreign fans.

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To introduce their new 4th mini-album, “THE AWAKENING”, to the world, GFriend hosted an up-close interview session. During the interview, the girls discussed everything from their pre-debut days to what kind of idol group they hoped to be remembered by in the future. Among the questions, GFriend revealed their current plans on overseas promotions and recalled some treasured memories of interacting with fans while traveling to different countries.

GFriend has very little experience in promoting abroad when compared to other idol groups. When they were asked about their plans to promote ‘Fingertip’ outside of Korea, YuJu replied, “We want to visit anywhere that has fans that support us.” The group revealed that although they’d love to travel to different countries  they have no set plans because the final say comes down to their CEO.

The girls were asked what they remembered most about their encounter with foreign fans. SoWon responded, “We don’t have overseas concerts often, so they’re really excited when we do. Our Taiwanese fans slept outside the airport the night before we arrived. We were very surprised when we landed. Our fans filled up Times Square in Hong Kong up to the 3rd floor. They even knew our cheering methods. We want to go meet them more often if we can.”

UmJi recalled, “When we meet them, they prepare things to say in phrases mixed with Korean and foreign languages. It must’ve been hard to learn Korean, but they tried their best as they stumbled through their words… It was so heart touching. I was so thankful, and I had so much fun. It was a special experience.”

It appears the GFriend girls truly appreciate and love their foreign fans for all the love that they give even though they aren’t able to visit them often!


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Most Anticipated Foreign Idols of 2017

Who are the three foreign idols you should keep an eye out for in 2017?

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Three idols have gained attention through “2017 ISAC”. And a common factor between these three idols is that they aren’t from Korea! Let’s take a look at who these three idols are.

  1. TWICE’s MiNa

TWICE has several foreign members. MoMo, SaNa, TzuYu, and MiNa are the foreign members of TWICE. The one that made their name known first was TzuYu. She appeared on various CFs and variety shows to show her lovely looks and perfect body line. MoMo captured attention with her cute aegyos, while SaNa made her “Shy shy shy” line from ‘Cheer Up’ very popular. Their popularity is anticipated to continue this year with MiNa. MiNa participated in the rhythm gymnastics for “2017 ISAC” Lunar New Year’s special to show her charms.

  1. WJSN’s SungSo

SungSo also received attention again with “2017 ISAC”. She also participated in the rhythm gymnastics for “2017 ISAC”, following up on her performance from the year before. SungSo appeared on various variety shows after her appearance on ISAC last year. She will continue with her activities again this year. She appeared on “Law of the Jungle” and “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” recently.

  1. H.U.B’s Rui

Rui made her name known through “2017 ISAC”. She competed with strong competitors like WJSN’s EunSeo, Oh My Girl’s Binnie, GFriend’s YuJu, Gugudan’s SeJeong, and Very Good’s SeoYul, taking the first place. Rui even shed tears, feeling relieved from the pressure of appearing as a representative for H.U.B.

These three foreign idols are said to be the most anticipated idol members of 2017. Foreign idols show goofy but lovely charms. They sometimes show contrasting charms as well, as Rui has shown in ISAC. Many anticipate for their future activities and the different charms they will show.

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