Welcome back to our Friday series!

Have you been watching dramas these days? If not, you are missing many great scenes! If you like romance, this weekly Kpopmap series is for you as we gather the most heart-fluttering scenes in one place.

Be aware of MAJOR spoilers from episodes that aired this week.

The following scenes are the most romantic scenes to not have missed this week. Let us know in the comment what was for your the scenes to not have missed.


1- "Love Revolution"

Park JiHoon and Lee RuBy as Gong JuYoung and Wang JaRim

Park JiHoon had a fight with Lee RuBy and he was trying his best to make up with her.

While she was eating at the cafeteria, he was outside holding with his mouth the paper reading "I will self reflect. Let's reconcile". He was holding his hands high in a sign of "self-reflection" and looked at her with puppy eyes.

He even draws a flower and a sun to write the word. Park JiHoon is trying very hard for her.


2- "Record of Youth"

Park BoGum and Park SoDam as Sa HyeJoon and Ahn JungHa

Park SoDam opened her make up store and Park BoGum made a sweet visit with a huge flower pot. They look like a cute couple.


3- "When I Was Most Beautiful?"

Im SooHyang and Ji Soo as Oh YeJi and Seo Hwan

Ji Soo has been in love with Im SooHyang for years. His feelings have been the same but he had managed to control them because she became his brother's wife.

However, things are different now and he confessed to her one more time with his utter despair and sincerity on a piano OST.

He said: "I will ask you one last time. I want to ask it instead of regretting it for the rest of my whole life. Can't it still be me? I can leave my family. I can live my life with only you. Can it never happen with me?"

Ji Soo's acting was superb and so heartbreaking.


4- "More Than Friends"

Ong SeongWu and Shin YeEun as Lee Soo and Kyung WooYeon

That night, Shin YeEun was drunk and Ong SeongWu got to know where she was through her Instagram. He made his way to the restaurant and noticed that there was a 'stalker' following her.

After a run to escape the 'stalker' and she passed out from alcohol on a bench. Ong SeongWu brought her home with a piggyback ride.


5- "Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol"

Lee JaeWook and Go Ara as SunWoo Jun and Goo RaRa

Go Ara was without a battery and lost in the streets late at night. She couldn't find her way to Lee JaeWook's house. He was looking for her with his bike and finally found her.

At his sight, she rushed to him and gave him a hug while crying. Surprised, he hugged her back after some time.


6- "Tale of the Nine Tailed"

Lee DongWook and Jo BoAh as Lee Yeon and Nam JiAh

Lee DongWook and Jo BoAh were facing danger in the forest. They were running away from it but she decided to get the pictures from the floor first. She was about to get hit by stones but Lee DongWook protected her (and smirked).

If you missed last week's selection, you can check here.

See you next week for more scenes.


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