There are celebrities that have this look that make them look attractive and that catch the attention of netizens. These celebrities receive a lot of praises for their handsome physique.

The Korean media, Insight, came up with a list of celebrities that self-praise themselves for their visual. Celebrities can be honest and humble and at the same time agree with their own mouth that they are handsome/pretty.

These six celebrities acknowledge their outstanding visual.


1- BTS's Jin

 6 Celebrities Who Know That Their Visual Is Outstanding


BTS Jin's handsomeness is well-known all around the world. The idol hears everyday the word "handsome". One of his nicknames is "Worldwide handsome". Jin said when he saw a bee coming close to his face "Is it because my face looks too much like a flower that bees are coming?". In 2019, Jin said that he wanted to become a person with an even shinier face.


2- Actor Yoo SeungHo

 6 Celebrities Who Know That Their Visual Is Outstanding


Yoo SeungHo is currently acting in the drama "My Strange Hero". His handsome visual continues to impress viewers. In the past, before he left for the army, during the press conference of the drama "I Miss You", he received a question about his visual. At that time he answered "A CG man" and laughed. Because he is handsome with unrealistic features, he chose his own nickname as "a CG man". At that time, as soon as he said this, he added "I think I made a mistake" and gave his apologies while laughing.


3- Red Velvet's Joy

 6 Celebrities Who Know That Their Visual Is Outstanding

Pure Love

Joy is also known as one of the prettiest idols. Especially her cuteness and vitality caught the attention. One of her nicknames created by fans is "Sexy dynamite". It seems that her nickname pleased her. In the program "Pajama Friends", she used her nickname with her own mouth.


4- Actress Jun JiHyun

 6 Celebrities Who Know That Their Visual Is Outstanding


Famous actress Jun JiHyun has been famous for her beauty since her debut. In the past, on a TV show, she was asked "How would it have been if you were in a girl group?". She answered, "If I were in a girl group, I would be the center". She showed confidence in her appearance.


5- AOA's SeolHyun

 6 Celebrities Who Know That Their Visual Is Outstanding


SeolHyun is famous for her beauty and outstanding body line. She also receives lots of photoshoot offer. She showed confidence in her looks in a behind video where she was in the hand of the hairdresser. She said "Isn't my face funny?" when the filming team were worrying about the fun of the video.


6- EXO's ChanYeol

 6 Celebrities Who Know That Their Visual Is Outstanding

Glorious Moment

ChanYeol is also among the top handsome idols and he is well known for his outstanding visual. ChanYeol has been popular and known for his handsomeness since his trainee days. In a TV show, he revealed that when he and his hoobaes were going for lunch, he would walk slowly and with class. And if people were to look at him, he will give them a look.


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