6 Female Celebrities That Have Gorgeous Visuals With ‘Bae’ As Their Surname

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6 Female Celebrities That Have Gorgeous Visuals With ‘Bae’ As Their Surname

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In South Korea, there are many beautiful and pretty female celebrities and K-Pop idols in the entertainment industry.

Recently, netizens noticed something they had in common!

It looks like many of these celebrities have the same surname and that is Bae. According to statistics, it was noted that less than 1% of the population in South Korea has this surname! Let’s find out which celebrities have this rare surname.


#1 Suzy

Suzy is most probably one of the celebrities that you will think of immediately as it was well-known that her surname is Bae. Born as Bae SuJi, Suzy is known for her outstanding beauty ever since she debuted as a member of missA.


#2 Red Velvet‘s Irene 

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Did you know that Irene’s birth name is called Bae JooHyun? Irene was also one of the idols which received attention from many because of her pretty looks when she first debuted back in 2014.


#3 OH MY GIRL‘s Binnie

Binnie is born as Bae YuBin and recently she has been active under the sub-unit of OH MY GIRL, OH MY GIRL BANHANA. She is known to be one of the rising K-Pop idols with her cute and adorable visuals.


#4 Chae SooBin

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Chae SooBin Instagram

No one can deny that Chae SooBin is one of the rising actresses as well. Many believes that she looks innocent and adorable at the same time. Chae SooBin is born as Bae SooBin.


#5 UNI.T‘s WooHee

WooHee is born as Bae WooHee and debuted as a member of Dal Shabet before joining KBS “The Unit”. She is also now currently a member of UNI.T. WooHee has not only earned the attention for her vocals but also her amazing visuals.


#6 UNI.T’s ZN 

Another member from UNI.T you cannot miss out is definitely ZN. ZN is a member of Laboum and currently promoting under the UNI.T after successfully winning the hearts of viewers.


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wonderful to have binnie here – she’s the most underrated beauty in kpop.
(its tough shining in a group with yooa and arin but we all love this munchkin!)


As cute and charming as she is Binnie doesn’t belong on a list of GORGEOUS VISUALS


are you stupid?