6 Idols You May Not Have Expected From “Superstar K”

Among the popular idols around us, many are actually from an audition program. Let’s see who!

Mnet SUPERSTAR K is definitely one of the first audition programs that was aired on TV. It is often compared to the hit audition program, “American Idol” in the U.S. In a series of auditions and challenge rounds, the contestants perform in front of famous artist judges and win votes to become the ultimate winner. Well, among the millions of applicants, we’re able to find some of our favorite K-Pop idols.

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Here are 6 K-Pop idols that you never anticipated to have participated in the audition program!


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1. Suzy- Miss A

Suzy actually passed the local audition for the main audition of Superstar K1 but was casted by JYP employee on the site. She chose JYP over Superstar K1 and soon became the member of Miss A. 

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Hoya passed the preliminary round and survived until the Super Week round of Superstar K1. His current agency, Woollim Entertainment, reached him throughout the program but Hoya did not reply back until he was eliminated during the Super Week. After elimination, he immediately signed a contract with his current agency. 

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but, i do



3. Kang SeungYoon – WINNER

The current leader of WINNER, Kang SeungYoon was the fourth runner up of Superstar K2. There is no change to his amazing voice from Superstar K. 

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My Chunsa




4. SeungHee – Oh My Girl

Even though she was very young when she auditioned in Superstar K2, SeungHee was eliminated at the final 11 of Superstar K2. She showed great potential even at that young age before her official debut!

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WM Entertainment



5. JungKook – BTS

After the preliminary round of Superstar K3, JungKook received numerous love calls from entertainment agencies. He did eventually debut as one of the members of the BTS, but sadly there is no footage of him in Superstar K3. 

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By My Side



6. EunWoo – PRISTIN

Ever the person to challenge herself, EunWoo is a veteran at audition survival programs. She appeared on “Superstar K4” in 2012, and she continued on to “The Voice Kids” in 2013 and “Produce 101” in 2015 – until she finally debuted as a member of PRISTIN in 2016!

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