6 K-Pop Male Idols’ Unique Part-Time Job Experiences Before Debut

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6 K-Pop Male Idols’ Unique Part-Time Job Experiences Before Debut

Suga, BTS

Here’s a list of 6 male K-pop idols’ interesting part-time jobs in the past.

As you know, being an trainee to be an idol and struggling to be perfect one are very hard one not just because of those difficult processes, but also money issue. Unless the trainee is very rich, to keep under training would be burden for them without any income. Therefore, those who had prepared to be an idol have some part-time job experiences. As these news were revealed, fans become very impressed by their endeavor and earnest attitudes. Also, it would be exiting for you to imagine that you can meet that handsome and nice boys in your usual life! Ler’s check out who did special part-time jobs during training!

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1. Kim JinWoo of WINNER

A pizza and chicken delivery man

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2. Kenta of Produce 101 SE2

A barista in a cafe

GIF Kenta, Produce 101


3. Suga of BTS

A motorcycle courier

Suga, BTS,

a day of Suga


4. SungKyu of INFINITE

A server in a restaurant and barista in cafe




5. MoonBin of ASTRO

A barista in cafe

MoonBin, ASTRO,



6. Park SungWoo of Produce 101 SE2

The supporting cast in drama