6 K-Pop Male Idols With Mullet Hair That They Love But Hated By Some Fans

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6 K-Pop Male Idols With Mullet Hair That They Love But Hated By Some Fans

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Pulling off the mullet hair is not an easy task for many but in the recent years, it was noticed by K-Pop fans that some of their favorite idols are having the mullet hairstyle.

For some fans, they think that it looks great on them but for some, they seemed to really not like it. Either ways, they are still fans who love them for who they are. Let’s find out which male idols have mullet hair before!


#1 BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon

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Always GD

Known to be a leader in style and trend, G-Dragon’s mullet hair was definitely a fresh and new icon in the industry back then!


#2 BTS‘s V

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In BTS, V is a member with personality that many called ‘4D’. With that being said, he also has his own unique fashion and style. His mullet hair did receive some positive reactions from his fans but some also did not welcome his new look.


#3 EXO‘s BaekHyun

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BaekHyun’s mullet hair gave his fans a huge surprise during his promotion with EXO for ‘Kokobop’. He even looked more amazing when he had a lip ring on! Yet, some fans did not really seem to like the huge transformation from before.


#4 WINNER‘s Mino

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Winner Dot Com

Many fans think that Mino looks like a mix between BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and TaeYang. With that being said, Mino caused many of his fans to feel surprised when they saw him with a mullet!


#5 GOT7‘s JB

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Love In Beom

JB’s mullet hair was also a surprise for some! During performances, some fans really enjoyed how his hair gave him the new edge that they were not able to see earlier. As usual, there was also some fans who did not fancy this new hairstyle too.


#6 MONSTA X‘s MinHyuk

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Starship Entertainment

MinHyuk might be the latest idol with a mullet hair and with that being said, some fans are deciding if they like this look on him.

What do you think about mullet hair?


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Y’all forgot Hoonjoong from ATEEZ. His mullet was bomb ??!


whoever said that Taehyung and Baekhyun hairstyles are not good , they need to clean their eyes from shit.

Rheyj Milano
Rheyj Milano

Whoever dislikes Taehyung-ssi ‘s mullet hair, what the heck is your problem?! Taehyungie always pulls off everything so perfectly! Whatever hairstyles he put on, it’ll always suits him gorgeously. He’s the Worldwide Most Handsome after all. ?


boi seokjin is worldwide most handsome


None of them look like males


First of all is that even your business we’ll let me think how about no what if someone told you that you didn’t look like a male or female or whatever sex you are wouldn’t you be offended well I am pretty sure you would so just because they aren’t famous doesn’t mean that you have to pick out every flaw just saying but nobody is perfect and it shouldn’t matter if they look like a male or not it matters that they are happy with themselves and don’t need haters like you trying to bring them down thank you… Read more »