6 Male K-Pop Idols We Suspect Might Be Vampires

There is an underlying notion of something dark lying beneath their flawless appearance.

They remind us of drug-induced rockstars that ooze with badassery. We’ve picked six idols that best represents this look.



Just look at him. He’s gorgeous. But for some reason, you might get the feeling that if you open your heart and fall for him, you’re in for more than you can handle. He looks like trouble but you can’t help yourself from imagining what it would be like to date him.

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He’s someone that just can’t be left out on the list. Arguably the most iconic and the first to exhibit the bad boy image in the K-Pop scene, G-Dragon’s signature glare stare expression epitomizes the dark aura look.

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(Baby Vampire)

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Kwon HyunBin

Honestly, he is undeniably just too damn hot. He actually might be someone G-Dragon might pass his torch to.

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From this photo, he does slightly look like a mixture of a vampire and a rockstar. There’s even a hint of the good old J-rocker vibes going on as well. But anyways, the bottom line is, he pulls off the look like a champ.

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Kang Daniel

Sure he might be too cute sometimes to be a vampire. He’s usually more like an extremely hot huggable teddy bear or a puppy of some breed. But the way his sexy stare gazes into your eyes can’t help but make you wonder about it sometimes.

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