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Are you planning to visit Korea? You don't know yet where to go? Then, you might want to have a look at these 6 NCT members advice for hot spots in Korea.

A fan reported the members' choices on Twitter. According to the fan Tweet, members would have selected the places below. In the brackets, you can check the link to have information about that specific place on the Korean Tourism Organization website in English.

TaeYong: Apgujeong Rodeo (here), alleys of Hannam-dong

DoYoung: Garosu-gil (here), Myeong-dong (here), Dongdaemun (here)

Yuta, JaeHyun: Anguk-dong

TaeIl: Hongdae (here)

WinWin: Apgujeong (here)

Johnny: Hangang (here)

 6 NCT Members Advice Hot Spots To Go To In Seoul


Are there any places you feel like going to or that you already visited and like?


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