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It is just as natural for some people to be left-handed as it is for them to be right-handed. However, it is still rather uncommon in the world. Left-handedness is often associated with traits such as intelligence, creativity, and charm in many cultures and is overall, seen as a great thing.

So if you are left-handed and feel anything but amazing about it, here are 7 K-Pop idols that prove just how brilliant left-handed individuals are!

Note: This list will not include ambidextrous idols.


1. SF9's InSeong

InSeong's dominant hand is his left hand and if you haven't noticed already, he has amazing speed when it comes to writing!


2. VERIVERY's GyeHyeon

GyeHyeon is left-handed, which is most evident when he is holding the mic.


3. CRAVITY's Koo JungMo

Koo JungMo is also a left-handed idol who is proof of how charming it is to be unique.


4. ATEEZ's JongHo

JongHo is left-handed but the strength in both his hands is equally intense.


5. TXT's TaeHyun

TXT's TaeHyun is left-handed and good at literally everything! From singing and dancing, obviously to magic and bowling, he can do it all.


6. ENHYPEN's Ni-Ki

Ni-Ki is another left-handed idol who is so talented that he is simply a prodigy.


7. BTOB's ChangSub

ChangSub is one of the most respected idols in the industry and he is left-handed too!



3 members from TREASURE: Mashiho, JaeHyuk, and Park JeongWoo are left-handed!

For more K-Pop idols who are left-handed, don't forget to check out our previous article below!


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Sep 6, 2021 12:47 pm

I love Taehyun and ni-ki because they are the only ones I know at the moment. but I will listen to them all very soon.