7 K-Pop Songs That You Should Listen During A Workout

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7 K-Pop Songs That You Should Listen During A Workout

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Sometimes when you work out or exercise, you need the boost to keep yourself going. With that being said, some K-Pop songs are actually very inspiring and also motivating. Their addictive and upbeat rhythm will definitely allow you to feel energize and continue working out.

Let’s find out which songs they are!


#1 MONSTA X ‘Unfair love’

Although this song is not a title song of MONSTA X, it still receives a lot of love from their fans. This is also a song that many of their fans chose to listen to when they are working out. Give it a try, you might like it too!


#2 BLACKPINK ‘Boombayah’

This is definitely a classic song from BLACKPINK and you cannot deny the fact that their debut title track will hype up your feelings!


#3 BTS ‘Fire’

‘Fire’ is definitely another song to listen to when you want to feel motivated and get through another day. Their addictive beats and catchy tune will get you going through a work out for sure.


#4 Wanna One ‘Burn It Up’

This song will turn up the heat for you when you go for a light jog or exercise as many fans of Wanna One also chose this song as their favorite to work out with.


#5 Ailee ‘U&I’

For all those ladies out there, this song will boost your confidence and of course, get you through a workout. You will definitely feel refresh and empowered after listening to it.


#6 CLC ‘Black Dress’

‘Black Dress’ will catch your attention for sure! If you have not yet listened to this song, be sure to add it to your workout playlist and give it a listen!



No one can forget about this legendary song from BIGBANG. ‘BANG BANG BANG’ got to be one of their most well-known songs and once again, thanks to their catchy beats, it is also chosen by many to listen to during a workout.


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