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Have you heard of the show by Mnet called “I Can See Your Voice” before? There are actually 6 seasons and in every season, there are several participants that became famous later on.

For those who are not sure what the show is about, it is a game show where guests must guess the 6 contestants on each episodes if they are good singers or bad singers without hearing them sing.

Many contestants ended up surprising the guests and viewers with their outstanding vocal abilities. Let’s find out who they are!


#1 Hwang ChiYeul

Fans would actually recognize Hwang ChiYeol as he later on became really popular thanks to his amazing vocals and visuals. He is noted to have a large fanbase especially in China.


#2 Ko SeungHyung

We also would not be able to forget Ko SeungHyung from the same season because of how he sounded similar to ballad veteran singer, Park HyoShin. It was reported that he will be debuting on Mar. 28!


#3 Park JunYoung

Park JunYoung from the 2nd season of the show was able to touch viewers with his emotional, powerful and unique voice. It caused many guests to wonder how people like him was not discovered earlier.


#4 Lee JungSeok

Do you remember the time when Weki Meki ‘s YooJung was brought to tears on the show? Well, the reason for that was because of Lee JungSeok’s jaw dropping voice. It was revealed that he was also the hidden card brought to the show by the main writer of “I Can See Your Voice” Season 3.


#5 SunBee

SunBee’s appearance on the 4th season of the show had caused many viewers to shudder at the fact that they are so many amazing singers out there who lack the chances to shine. Fans are in love with her voice and hope to be able to hear more of her activities in the future.


#6 Shin KyungSik

Did you know that Shin KyungSik from the 5th season of the show was actually a swimmer? His voice surprised many as they did not expect him to have such a powerful and emotional voice. Were you surprised too?



HARMONIZE is a group well known to give goosebumps to audiences that watch them perform. Their appearance on the 6th season of the show had allowed many to notice how amazing this group is.


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All great singers


I remember Hwang Chiyeul and go Seunghyung. great voice


Yeah i remember seunghung had a unique voice