Male Idols Who Look Up to EXO’s Kai as a Role Model

There is no denying that EXO has been by far one of K-Pop’s most successful and influential boy group of all time. Kai, the lead dancer, and singer of EXO has been a source of inspiration and influence as a role model to other prominent K-Pop idols. 

TaeYang of SF9, not to be confused with YG Entertainment’s superstar, has mentioned Kai as a role model. He has said before that he looks to Kai as someone he would like to become more like when it comes to dancing. 

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The Qoo

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Metro / Arena

Wanna One‘s Daniel Kang and Ong SeongWu have mentioned during the TV show “Happy Together 3”, that Kai is not only their role model but their favorite EXO member as well. Daniel Kang has specifically explained that he admires BTS for their powerful stage presence, Seventeen‘s team work, and EXO’s general all around group concept. He further revealed his Kai fanboy status by describing the EXO member as ‘very sexy’. Both Daniel Kang and Ong SeongWu revealed on the TV show that they consider Kai as their biggest role model.

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KBS ‘Happy Together 3’


NCT Dream‘s JaeMin and JiSung have also mentioned on SMRookie’s magazine column that both view Kai as a role model because of his exceptional visuals and dance skills. 



P.K, a member of PH Entertainment’s boy band MVP has mentioned Kai among others such as the likes of Shinhwa and BtoB. He said in an interview that he is constantly keeping up with news related to Kai and hopes to meet him in person some day. 


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