7 Male K-Pop Idols That You Wish To See The Autumn Leaves With

Im SooHyang For Photoshoot Behind-the-Scene



7 Male K-Pop Idols That You Wish To See The Autumn Leaves With

Im SooHyang For Photoshoot Behind-the-Scene

Cube Entertainment

Yesterday, a list of female K-Pop idols that you wish to see the autumn leaves with was released and this time, a list of male K-Pop idols will be released too.

Since the cold season is slowly entering Korea, many K-Pop fans would love to have the chance to be able to check out the transitioning season with their favorite K-Pop idols. Even though it may or not not occur in the future, it is always nice to just imagine.

Find out which idols are on the list!


#1 THE BOYZ‘s YoungHoon

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August Blossom

YoungHoon is definitely a rising idol in the industry as he has been gaining attention for his wonderful visuals! In addition to his tall height, many fans also wonder how nice it would be to be able to check out the autumn leaves with him.


#2 Golden Child‘s JooChan

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JooChan is another idol that steals fans’ heart because of his heartwarming personality! He seems like someone who will take care of others really well too!


#3 SF9‘s HwiYoung

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Did you notice how HwiYoung has been gaining more and more attention ever since he kept his hair long? It shows another new side of him and fans have been digging this look.


#4 PENTAGON‘s HongSeok

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In Korea, there is a term called ‘autumn man’ and apparently HongSeok suits the term pretty well. In other words, it refers to a guy who fits the autumn season well and just by looking at how HongSeok dresses, many fans could not help but continue to fall deeper for him.


#5 BTOB‘s ChangSub

ChangSub is for sure a hilarious person and fans always love how humorous he is! Imagine how it would be like when he breaks the lovely atmosphere when strolling down the street filled with autumn leaves with you by coming up with a joke.


#6 MXM‘s Lim YoungMin

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Fans claimed that Lim YoungMin is a heart throb and because of that, they also think that he is one of the suitable idols that they would love to go sightseeing with in the autumn! His tall height also contributes to ‘autumn man’ factor too.


#7 WINNER‘s Hoony

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Hoony Instagram

All along, Hoony has his unique fashion sense and fans love how he always explores different styles. He would definitely stand out with pictures even with the amazing and beautiful autumn leaves.


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