The Second Lead Syndrome can be serious in some cases. Some second main leads steal your heart and do not give you the possibility to like the main lead and the inevitable couple to be formed. In these cases, you most of the time feel bad for these guys that have all the qualities to win the main girl's heart but ended up being heartbroken.

Here is a list of some second main leads that will never be forgotten. If you fell for them, you might not be able to recover.


1- "My ID Is Gangnam Beauty" - Kwak DongYeon

Kwak DongYeon, as Yeon WooYeong, is the TA of the chemistry department that has a one-sided love for the main female lead. We all are hoping to meet such a nice TA. Some fans also find him more attractive, soft, and tender than the main lead.


2- "Still 17" - Ahn HyoSeop 

Ahn HyoSeop, as Yoo Chan, has such a pure and innocent first love for Woo SeoRi (Shin HyeSun) that many viewers could not help but fall for this chick-like boy. Smiley and full of energy, he matches many's ideal types.


3- “Mr. Sunshine” - Yoo YeonSeok and Byun YoHan 

Yoo YeonSeok and Byun YoHan had different styles in the hit drama and both of them offer much charisma and cool appearances in their own way and characters' personality. Many viewers could not help but somehow find them more attractive than the main character acted by Lee ByungHun.


4- "Temperature of Love" - Kim JaeWook

Kim JaeWook, as Park JungWoo, a CEO and partner of the main character. With his model features and handsome looks and his character being cold and warm, he got many viewers preferring him over the main lead.


5- "While You Were Sleeping" - Jung HaeIn

Jung HaeIn, as Han WooTak, is a handsome policeman. Many might have ship Suzy with Lee JongSuk but Jung HaeIn's character has many aspects to win the hearts of viewers. Many fall for him especially when he took the pictures of the shadow of him and Suzy next to each other.


6- "Reply 1988" - Ryu JunYeol

Ryu JunYeol as Kim JungHwan at first seemed to be the one to win Hyeri's heart but that never happened and many were sad about this awkward and cute unfulfilled love story.


7- "Cheese in the Trap" - Seo KangJoon

Seo KangJoon, as Baek InHo, might be one of the characters that give the most Second Lead Syndrome. His character has also many qualities to make viewers fall in love with him. Especially, he seems more caring about Kim GoEun than the main lead.

Let us know in the comment section who stole your heart!


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