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"When The Weather Is Fine" ended yesterday night. It aired between Feb. 24 to Apr. 21. Viewers are already missing the lead actors Park MinYoung and Seo KangJoon but also the supporting actors who during these 16 episodes brought tears and smiles.

Through their individual Instagram, they posted about the final episode and the end of the drama. They all thanked viewers for watching the drama.

 8 Actors Of "When The Weather Is Fine" Saying Goodbye To Viewers Through Individual Instagram

Han ChangMin Instagram

Park MinYoung posted a picture of her followed by a pretty picture of her and Seo KangJoon.

Seo KangJoon posted a picture of him and Park MinYoung on the set along with a picture of the cake celebrating the end of the drama.

Moon JeongHee posted a picture of her by the river.

Kim HwanHee posted a picture with her character's best friend in high school.

Lee JaeWook was cutely eating on the set.

Im SeMi posted a few official pictures of her in the drama followed by a cute picture of her and Park MinYoung.

Kim YoungDae posted a cute picture with Park MinYoung where they are wearing the same colors.

Most of the actors took pictures with child actor Han ChangMin (check his Instagram for all the pictures). They all are adorable.

Are you sad about the end of the drama?


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