BTOB‘s Yook SungJae is one of the lead actors of the ongoing fantasy drama "Mystic Pop-Up Bar". He is acting as Han KangBae, a cute and kind boy who works at the Customer Counseling Center of a supermarket and works part-timer at Ssanggap bar. People who have physical contact with him get to confess their secrets.

The acting-dol is well known for his solid acting. Since the beginning of the drama, Yook SungJae has been showing a variety of emotions. In this drama, his character is especially cute and lovable.

He has been stealing scenes with his smile, dumb expressions, laughter, and more. Check out the 8 cute gifs below.

Yook SungJae is a cutie pie in this drama and brings smiles to the viewers with his bright character. Of course, he had shown more emotional and sad sides of the characters too.

Do you like Yook SungJae's character in "Mystic Pop-Up Bar"?


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