8 Reasons Why We Love the K-Pop Fairies, APRIL



8 Reasons Why We Love the K-Pop Fairies, APRIL


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APRIL has brought Spring with their comeback!

On the 27th, APRIL celebrated their comeback with a showcase for their new mini-album at the Lotte Card Art Center. Kpopmap attended the showcase to also celebrate the long awaited return of our APRIL girls! The turnout for the rookie girl group, well known as the younger sisters of KARA, had been a success.

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APRIL had a fan meeting last March in Tokyo, Japan, but unlike a debut group of only 8 months, 2,000 fans had shown up to meet the girls! Even at the recent showcase on the 27th, the international popularity of the girls was apparent, as not only did Korean journalists showed up, but also journalists from Japan.

The showcase was a huge success as fans came to show support even before the start of the show, and an in-depth interview of the girls continued throughout until the end.

 8 Reasons Why We Love the K-Pop Fairies, APRIL 8 Reasons Why We Love the K-Pop Fairies, APRIL

Kpopmap has organized the main reasons why we fell in love with APRIL, and why we can’t help but become their fans. From Practices, Challenges, Changes, Promises, and APRIL… Our 8 reasons why we love APRIL will also make you fall in love the K-Pop fairies.


1. Practice

What kind of effort did you put in to prepare for your new album?

ChaeWon: In order to prepare for our new album, we practiced singing and dancing for 10 hours straight every day. In order to show our colorful style of music, and also experiment with styles we’ve never tried before, we worked hard to complete our album to perfection.

 8 Reasons Why We Love the K-Pop Fairies, APRIL


2. Change

APRIL, who has always approached the fans with a constant innocent image, had changed. The reason comes from their new song “Jelly”, which showcased APRIL’s stronger sound with a different music style. The song is a different image than their current Tinkerbell concept, so we asked what their intensions were of recording this song, and what their plans were in terms of promoting the song.

A. We each have a different kind of charm. We may look quiet and pure, but we at times can be rowdy and chirpy like any young girl. We prepared the song with our different image in mind. We’re unsure whether “Jelly” will be our follow-up song, but either way we are practicing hard for it.


3. Rival

There was an unusual amount of girl group comebacks this week (ie. TWICE and Lovelyz). We asked the girls how they felt about promoting along with the other girl groups, and what made APRIL different from the other girls.

A. We are a big younger, and we have a set style of image. We think it as a blessing to be promoting with the other girl groups.

 8 Reasons Why We Love the K-Pop Fairies, APRIL


4. Promise

Considering that the girls have yet to win 1st place at a music show yet, we asked what their goals were for this mini-album. We also asked if they would promise to do if they do win 1st place with their new comeback.

A. In the midst of promoting with such great seniors, we would be so thankful to even be nominated for 1st place. If we do get nominated, we promise to change into actual Tinkerbells and put on a guerilla performance!


5. Costume

APRIL has always promoted with different types of costumes (ex. Maids, girl scouts, and now Tinkerbell), we asked which costume they most preferred and what different kinds of costumes they wished to try next.

A. We think the girl scout costumes for our “Muah” promotions fit us best. We were even able to become promotional representatives thanks to our costumes, so our girl scout costumes are the most memorable for us. If we were to try different concepts, we want to try on different styles like uniforms.

 8 Reasons Why We Love the K-Pop Fairies, APRIL


6. A.P.R.I.L.

Early on in the showcase, each member had posed holding different types of flowers. So we had to ask, did those flowers hold a special meaning?

A. For our new album, each member represents a different type of flower, each starting with a different letter from our group name APRIL.

A – Apple Blossom like JinSol

P – Peony like YeNa

R – Rose like HyunJoo

I – Island Poppy like ChaeWon

L – Lily like NaEun
 8 Reasons Why We Love the K-Pop Fairies, APRIL


7. MukBang (Someone Who Eats Well)

Idols who eat well are the latest fad. APRIL is also known to be idols who eat heartily. So, which member eats the best?

A. NaEun eats the best out of us. She once at 9 servings of MakChang (Pig’s rectum). She’s a total MukBang~~

 8 Reasons Why We Love the K-Pop Fairies, APRIL


8. Self-Appeal

We asked the girls if you had to choose one thing to add to your profile, what would it be?

JinSol: I have really long eyelashes. I can even put a toothpick on it. I also have a lot of volume.

YeNa: I’m pretty athletic. If I had to choose one sport I’m really good at, I’d have to pick track.

ChaeWon: I rapped for our song, “Jelly”. I can rap as well as sing.

HyunJoo: I heard that I have a really pretty profile side of my face. I think it will be a good point if we shoot for beauty magazines.

NaEun: I heard that I have pretty hands. I’ve even shot for a nail magazine.