9 Korean Celebrities Who are Always Smiling Thanks to Their Upturned Lips

These 9 Korean celebs seem to be happy as a clam wherever they go, because the ends of their lips are always turned up in a smile!

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Many Koreans believe that when the ends of your lips naturally turn upwards, it’s the cutest pair of lips that you can ever have. That’s why many Koreans and celebrities get a procedure done to get that small indent upwards in their lips. But these 9 K-Celebs were blessed since they were born. They’ve naturally got an upturned lips that makes them look happy 24/7.

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Just check out these beautiful, charming smiles!


1. Seo KangJun

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Beanpole, Fantagio


2. Jung EunJi of Apink

kpop idol, korean celebrities, korean lips, kpop lips, jung eunji lips

@SEK_beautiful, Delight Joo


3. Yoon SiYoon

kpop idol, korean celebrities, korean lips, kpop lips, yoon siyoon lips

Cosmopolitan, Top Star News


4. Shin MinAh

kpop idol, korean celebrities, korean lips, kpop lips, shin minah lips

Yoqoly, Nate Pann


5. Kim SooHyun

kpop idol, korean celebrities, korean lips, kpop lips, kim soohyun lips

Beanpole, Luv Punch


6. Kim DoYeon of I.O.I

kpop idol, korean celebrities, korean lips, kpop lips, kim doyeon lips

Top Star News, Zenith


7. Kim Young Kwang

kpop idol, korean celebrities, korean lips, kpop lips, kim youngkwang lips

Starplanet, Star Daily News


8. Sunny of SNSD

kpop idol, korean celebrities, korean lips, kpop lips, snsd sunny lips

KStarHK, Chewing


9. Chen of EXO

kpop idol, korean celebrities, korean lips, kpop lips, exo chen lips

Monami Chen, Chen’s



Top 10 Idols with the Cutest Baby Birdy Lips

Wide or thick lips became one of the beauty trends. People with thick lips may look more well defined or sexier.
However, those with small lips like a bird should be embraced as well, for they look so adorable especially when they eat or act cute.
Here are some K-Pop idols with the cutest lips which just increases their charm even more.

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1st –  JiSoo of Lovelyz

Kei,Kei of Lovelyz, Kei Cute

KeyhamiStory Twitter

2nd – Exy of Cosmic Girls (WJSN)

Exy, Exy of Comic Girls, WJSN, Exy Cute

Reversal_S1106 Twitter

3rd – NaYoung of Pristin

NaYoung, Nayoung Pristin, I.O.I

PicRyui Twitter

4th – Leo of VIXX

Leo, Leo of VIXX, VIXX

Leolalala1110 Twitter

5h – Moon Byul of Mamamoo

Moon Byul, Moon Byul of Mamamoo, Mamamoo

handsome_byul_b Twitter

6th – BoMi of Apink

BoMi, Yoon BoMi of Apink, Apink

apink234 Twitter

7th – SinB of GFriend

SinB, SinB of GFriend, GFriend

ladySinB Twitter

8th – Him Chan of B.A.P

Him Chan, Him Chan of BAP, B.A.P

himchan_LS Twitter

9th – I.M of MONSTA X


insane_0126 Twitter

10th – SeHun of EXO

SeHun, SeHun of EXO, EXO

mandeuneo Twitter

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Idols with Lips that Draw a Heart Whenever They Smile

There are idols with the cutest lips, which  is shaped like a heart whenever they smile. They look pretty and handsome normally, however, fan just can’t wait for them to flash a smile.

Lips are mostly chosen as their best features, even though it is not the most handsome. It just lures fans with it’s distinctive characteristics. 

Check out who’s lips turn into a heart!

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D.O, D.O of EXO, EXO


He’s got lips of a heart shape even though he doesn’t smile. His upper lips roll up in a round shape with his upper gums showing a bit.

TWICE – NaYeon

NaYeon, NaYeon of TWICE, NaYeon Lips


As charming as her nose, her lips just makes her look lovelier.

Block B –P.O

P.O, P.O Block B, P.O lips


He’s famous for having so many facial expressions, and his lips are in the center of all the expressions. He is currently a model for a lip balm.

SNSD- HyoYeon

HyoYeon, HyoYeon of SNSD, SNSD


She is the standard of a heart shaped lips. Because of her fair skin, her lips look perfect in any color.

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Pucker up, child, because these 12 K-Pop idols have the lips to die for! Can you guess the correct male K-Pop idol to these sexy lips?

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