9 K-Pop Idols & Actors That Have Big Height Differences When Standing Side By Side

All types of couples are beautiful regardless of their height but it’s no doubt that the couples that have big height differences when they stand side by side are the ones that captivate optimal visuals.

One physical attribute that is desired by all men is height. It has been revealed through statistics that taller men are usually more successful and more likely to have things easier in life than shorter men. 

As for women, optimal height standards are much more flexible in comparison to men.  

With that having said, its pleasing to the eye when we look at a tall handsome man with a dainty little woman next to each other. Something about it gives off a giddy sensation inside us when we look at them together. Here are nine 9 K-Pop idol moments that had a really good couple height ratio.


1 SungJae (180 cm)   JiSoo (160 cm)

BLACKPINK JiSoo Height, BLACKPINK JiSoo, KPop SungJae, SungJae Profile



Jin (179 cm) Baby Soul (158 cm)

BTS Jin, Jin Profile, BTS Jin Profile, BTS Profile, BTS Jin Height


3 MinKyu (186 cm)  Mamamoo 

MinKyu Height, KPop Idol Height, Mamamoo Height



4 ChanYeol (184 cm)   Wendy (156 cm)

ChanYeol Height, EXO ChanYeol, EXO Profile, KPop Wendy, ChanYeol

Nate Pann


5 YuGyeom (183 cm)  EunHa (162.6 cm)

YuGyeom Profile, YuGyeom Height, GOT7 YuGyeom, GOT7 Profile, GOT7 Height



6 V (179cm) Tiffany (162 cm)

BTS Height, BTS V, BTS V Profile, KPop V, BTS V Height



7 Song MinHo (181 cm) & Irene (158 cm)

Song MinHo Height, Song MinHo, Song MinHo Profile, Red Velvet Profile, Red Velvet Irene, Irene Height, Red Velvet Irene Profile, Red Velvet Irene Height



8 Kim WooBin (187 cm) & IU (161.8cm)

Kim WooBin Height, Kim WooBin Profile, IU Height, IU Profile

M CountDown


9 Lee MinKi (183 cm) & Yoon BoMi (163.2 cm)

Lee MinKi Height, Yoon BoMi Height, Yoon BoMi Profile, Lee MinKi Profile



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The Three Distinct Characteristic Heights of Male K-Pop Idols

Regardless to their heights, here are several K-Pop idols looking awesome and gorgeous. Kpopmap just divided our favorite K-Pop male idols by their heights (and we did it based on their official profiles).

You might know there are some male idols who are not that tall but still perfect and sexy. Actually, different from expectation that ‘male idols should be tall’, lots of idols look nice with not that long legs. Because they already got so many other charming points.

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Let’s see how gorgeous K-Pop male idols look through the sort by their heights.


1. The Petites : JinHwan of iKON & TaeIl of BLOCK B & Woozi of SEVENTEEN

Idols in this range are so-called fairy-idols because of their petite and cute looks. They look taller when they are alone than with other members because they have so small faces compared to other body parts. Over 160 cm and under 170 cm!


JinHwan of iKON

ikon, 2017 ikon,, jinhwan, ikon jinhwan, 2017 kpop, kpop

fn star


TaeIl of BLOCK B

taeil, block b, 2017 block b, 2017 kpop, kpop, kpop idols




wooji, seventeen, 2017 seventeen, 2017 idols



2. The Average Avengers : KiKwang of HIGHLIGHT & G-Dragon of BIGBANG & JungKook of BTS

The average of K-Pop male idols’ heights is between 170 cm and 180 cm.  



kikwang, highlight, 2017 highlight, 2017 kpop idols

asia today


G-Dragon of BIGBANG 

gdragon, 2017 gdragon, bigbang, 2017 bigbang, 2017 kpop idols

captain g


JungKook of BTS

jungkook, 2017 jungkook, 2017 bts, bts, 2017 kpop idols




3. The Giants : Song Mino of WINNER & ChanYeol of EXO & JungShin of CN blue 

Even though idols in this range are not models, whenever they walk nonchalantly they look perfectly professional models. Over 180 cm idols!


Song Mino of WINNER

song minho, winner song minho, 2017 winner, 2017 song minho, yg idols

let’s minho


ChanYeol of EXO

exo, chanyeol, exo chanyeol, 2017 exo, 2017 chanyeol, 2017 kpop



JungShin of CN blue 

lee jungshin, jungshin, cn blue, 2017 cn blue, 2017 jungshin

TOP 5 Idols with Heights that Does Not Match with Their Face

There are some idols who has got the faces of a baby.

Not only they look super young, but also their auroras as well feel like that of a child.

However, despite their faces and auroras, they’ve got the height of a man.

Here are some idols with heights that does NOT match with their baby faces.

1st – Yoon SanHa of ASTRO

Idols, KPop Idols, Baby Face, SanHa, Lee SeungHoon, ZICO, Zelo, V


Height: 183 cm

2nd – Zelo of B.A.P

Idols, KPop Idols, Baby Face, SanHa, Lee SeungHoon, ZICO, Zelo, V

Topstarnews/neverland Twitter/Zelo Instagram

Height: 187 cm

3rd – Lee SeungHoon of WINNER

Idols, KPop Idols, Baby Face, SanHa, Lee SeungHoon, ZICO, Zelo, V

INNERCRCLE Twitter/seol_hoon Twitter/ Retagram

Height: 184 cm

4th – V of BTS

Idols, KPop Idols, Baby Face, SanHa, Lee SeungHoon, ZICO, Zelo, V

sstv/V Instagram/Instiz

Height: 181 cm

5th – ZICO of BLOCK B

Idols, KPop Idols, Baby Face, SanHa, Lee SeungHoon, ZICO, Zelo, V

ZICO Instagram / Lense Nince

(His not the typical baby face, but he does not look so tall assuming from his face.)
Height: 182

Lesson learned. Never assume anything about a person only by their looks, especially the face.

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