9 Of BTS JungKook’s Most Breathtaking Past Photos

A.R.M.Y posted pics of the hottest maknae’s numerous cherished memories from the past.

Here, we’ve compiled some amazing images of Kookie before the height of his popularity- take a peek at your favorite Kookie moments before he made his way into the spotlight. Want to know more about the sinewy boy?

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Only after these past photos were posted online, many fans noticed that BTS’ youngest member is naturally pretty at early age. If you haven’t already, check out all of the past pictures on Kookie. You can stare at him for a minute. Enjoy!

jungkook past photo



2.jungkook past photo


3. jungkook past photo


jungkook past photo

5.jungkook past photo


6.jungkook past photo


7.jungkook past photo


jungkook past photo


9. jungkook past photo

Dal Shabet Members Reveal the Future Fate of the Girl Group

 Dal Shabet members SuBin, AYoung, and SeRi‘s contract to Happy Face Entertainment has ended. What will become of Dal Shabet in the future? 

The official stance of Happy Face Entertainment on the fate of Dal Shabet is ‘undecided’ at the moment. SeRi, leader of Dal Shabet has opened up through SNS that she can’t promise an exact date of her return.

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So far, there has never been a second generation K-Pop idol group that has actually fully reunited after having members leaving and moving on with their own career path.

Dal Shabet Profile, Dal Shabet, Dal Shabet Comeback, Dal Shabet Disbandment, Dal Shabet Disband


The majority of South Korean fans are currently expressing annoyance at the situation. They have expressed that it is better for an idol group to officially announce a hiatus or disbandment rather than leaving things unclear for everyone. Additionally, fans at this point don’t even seem to care anymore since the statements released by entertainment agencies are increasingly losing any sort of credibility.


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Red Velvet x TWICE Collaboration To Air On SBS Gayo Daejeon

According to a representative of SBS, K-Pop fans are in for a special treat before the end of 2017.

Irene and SeulGi of Red Velvet with NaYeon and DaHyun of TWICE will be performing as 1st generation veteran K-Pop girl group Fin.K.L members. Additionally, Wanna One members Kang Daniel, MinHyun, SungWoon, SeongWu, and WooJin, will appear on the show as 1st generation veteran K-Pop boy band H.O.T members as well.

Finkl, Finkl Profile, KPop Finkl


KPop HOT, HOT Profile, HOT, HOT Comeback


Red Velvet Profile, TWICE Profile, Red Velvet, Red Velvet Gayo DaeJeon, TWICE Gayo DaeJeon

TopStar News


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Japanese Netizens Are Begging This K-Pop Idol To Star In AV Porn Video

South Korean netizens are in a complete uproar at the moment. While history has proven that relations between South Korea and Japan have never been rosy, this recent incident is clearly another one on the long list of reasons why they will remain as enemies until the end.

A news article in Japan has surfaced that reports that Japanese netizens are demanding that K-Pop idol BoA star in an adult pornographic video. Inevitably, South Korean netizens have not responded well to this and are demanding answers and whatever appropriate legal action be taken. 

BoA, BoA Profile, KPop BoA, BoA Comeback, BoA Porn, BoA AV, BoA AV Japan


Below is the Japanese news article.

BoA, BoA Profile, KPop BoA, BoA Comeback, BoA Porn, BoA AV, BoA AV Japan

The Qoo

Although AV and pornography culture is perceived somewhat differently in Japan than in the rest of the world, the problem is that it involves a South Korean idol. South Korea is well known to be generally conservative and usually never speak about explicit topics in public. 


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