9 Of BTS JungKook’s Most Breathtaking Past Photos

A.R.M.Y posted pics of the hottest maknae’s numerous cherished memories from the past.

Here, we’ve compiled some amazing images of Kookie before the height of his popularity- take a peek at your favorite Kookie moments before he made his way into the spotlight. Want to know more about the sinewy boy?

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Only after these past photos were posted online, many fans noticed that BTS’ youngest member is naturally pretty at early age. If you haven’t already, check out all of the past pictures on Kookie. You can stare at him for a minute. Enjoy!

jungkook past photo



2.jungkook past photo


3. jungkook past photo


jungkook past photo

5.jungkook past photo


6.jungkook past photo


7.jungkook past photo


jungkook past photo


9. jungkook past photo