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Hoya Instagram

On Jan. 14, Hoya uploaded a picture of K-Pop idols who had gathered to see BTOB‘s ChangSub one last time before serving his mandatory military service on his Instagram story.

Fans noticed that all the idols, B1A4‘s JinYoung, MAMAMOO‘s Solar, Apink‘s ChoRong and Hoya, including ChangSub, are part of the 91-liner!

 91-liners Gather For BTOB’s ChangSub Before Enlisting Into Military Service

Hoya Instagram

It has been a long time since fans were able to see such interactions between them and they also said on online communities that they wished for more gatherings.

It was known that these idols are close with each other because they debuted around the same time, namely between 2010 to 2012. Idols who debut and promote around similar period tend to be closer with one another.

We wish ChangSub all the best and hope to see more interactions among the rest!


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