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It's been a long long time since we've seen f(x) members getting along with each other. Finally, though not fully fulfilled, two of f(x) members posted of them together hanging out!!

  The two cutest members who posted the cutest picture are Krystal and Amber!! The two have long been famous for being real adorable when they are together.Though Krystal may seem cold and quiet when she's with people from work or people she is meeting new, she turns to the brightest girl ever when she is with her family, which includes her members. Amber, on the other hand, is famous for being super friendly with everyone! Now just imagine the synergy the two would have when they are together! 

The photo was taken when Amber went to Krystal's drama shooting to cheer her up! Aren't they just so cute?!

A Long Awaited Get Together Moment of f(x) Krystal and Amber

Krystal Instagram

Unfortunately, Victoria is currently working in China and Luna was busy preparing for SMTOWN, so they could not go with Amber...

Fans are long waiting for the four to get together on stage again. It's been so long since f(x) performed as a whole and K-Pop misses them a lot. 

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