Just recently, Rain was another celebrity to have been included in the #DebtToo movement after Microdot, DOK2, Mamamoo member WheeIn, and actor Ma DongSeok.

But after recent events, there might be a possibility that the accusations brought up against his late mother might turn out to be groundless and false.

Rain and his agency apologized and announced that they would be paying the debt back in full. But the accuser still has not been able to provide legal proof that the debt even exists. According to the accuser, Rain's mother borrowed money from a neighboring business owner. The notes stated that the debts were all the costs covering from the period of 1988 until 2004. But what's odd is that Rain's mother passed away back in 2000.

At the moment, the accuser has only been demanding a settlement fee without any legal proof while also mocking Rain and his family, all of which has been recorded. Rain and his agency stated that if meetings continue to end in nothing but mocking and groundless accusations, the recording would be disclosed to the public. What's more is that the accuser is demanding a settlement fee that is four times the amount that was mentioned during the first original accusation post online.

Stay tuned for updates!


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