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Actor Kim KyungNamis rising in popularity and many are waiting for his next drama.

He has previously acted in the drama "Come and Hug Me" as the brother of the main character Chae DoJin (Jang KiYong) and the son of a psychopath. Many would recognize him for his scary and violent acting in the drama. He has acted in other dramas too.

This time he is part of the upcoming drama "Fox Bride Star" (SBS) with Chae SooBin and Lee JeHoon, a human melodrama telling the stories of employees at Incheon Airport. The drama will air in October.

Kim KyungNam posted on his Instagram a picture on the 30th. In the caption he says "A bit later at 8 pm, the V-Live on the channel of JR ENT will start!! Watch it live!".


Fans commented "Aww so handsome and cute at the same time", "I really love the drama "Come and Hug Me", I am impatiently waiting for this one", "You look too handsome today too", etc.

You can check the replay of the broadcast below.


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