Lee WonGeun's Instagram

Actor Lee WonGeun knows how to grab the hearts of fans!

The actor previously appeared in dramas such as “Cheer up!” (2015) and “Queen of Mystery” (2017). He is an underrated rated actor known by a few international fans. His latest drama was "Jugglers" (2017).

A past picture of his Instagram is very much popular among fans. In this picture, he has a chic expression while looking at the camera. With one arm on the wall, he looks charismatic and yet angelic with his cute face. He looks extremely handsome and attractive.

Actor Lee WonGeun Makes Fans' Heart Flutter With Instagram Picture

Lee WonGeun's Instagram

Netizens that was fascinated by the picture commented "Handsome oppa", "Oppa you look cool", "Love you", "You look cool", "Very handsome", etc.

The actor continues to post heart fluttering pictures, you can follow him on his Instagram.


Do you also like the picture?


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